Monday, April 27, 2009

Lady Foot Locker has Fashion-Savvy Styles for Mom for this Mother's Day

Lady Foot Locker ( has the newest styles for Mom this Mother’s Day, and the sneaker gurus are here to help her achieve a fun fresh look. From the updated Converse Chuck Taylor to Nike’s sparkling Shox, the gurus have any style to suit Mom’s taste.

You love all that blings. Guess what…your mom does too. Mom notices your flair for flash—it’s no wonder she’s always complimenting your style. Nike frosts the Shox Navina with a little sparkle and a lot of class. Available in white/silver and black/silver, this shoe is not only glamorous, but comfortable enough for everyday wear.

“Don’t be surprised that Mom is into your style. She was sporting some of your favorite looks long before you were born. Come to think of it, you may be imitating your mom without even knowing it,” says New York trend blogger Tricia Lewis of Fashion Herald ( Think of your favorite classic shoe, perhaps the Chuck Taylor comes to mind? The Converse Chuck Taylor has been a fashion staple since the early 50’s… and of course, Mom loves them too! The Chuck has reinvented itself to suit any trendy style with double tongue detailing, double uppers and polka-dot prints.

You know the importance of a pair of crispy all white sneakers. It’s a fresh clean look that will never go out of style and transcends all ages. Mom can own this look with the Nike Sweet Classic in all white with a spot-on striped vulcanized mid-sole and perforated leather upper. If your mom is ready for a super-hip upgrade to her style, try a High-top like the white-out blazer high in diamond embellished satin, or the Big Nike with hot-pink accents.


Melissa Pardo
Public Relations Manager
Foot Locker, Inc.
New York, NY

Latest Obsession: Schwinn Roxie Bike

Schwinn Pink 26" Roxie Cruiser Bike $139.00 sale (reg. $169.99) Target stores

As soon as I opened my Target sales paper yesterday, I knew I wanted this bike. I like the color pink but I'm not obsessed with it (I wear it in moderation) but I just love the look of it. After work I'm going to head over to Target. I needed a new bike, I still have my old one from college.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!! 10 Easy Green Living Tips Included

Easy Earth Day Tips for a Greener Life:

1. Carry your own water bottle and fill it with tap water.

2. Take shorter showers.

3. Donate gently used clothes instead of throwing them away.

4. Use ceiling fans rather than an air conditioner. Fans are more energy-efficient than AC.

5. Carry re-usable bags while shopping to cut down on plastic bag use.

6. Turn off lights and other appliances (TV, coffee pot, etc) when not in use.

7. Buy Organic. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest choice. Please be sure to support you local farmers.

8. Buy household items, like detergent and cleaning supplies, in concentrated form so that you get more for less packaging.

9. Save water by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.

10. Bike or walk whenever possible.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Flirtatious Party Dresses

No matter if you're trying for subtle or seductress, these dresses will capture your flirty vibe. From curve-hugging cuts to attention-grabbing ruffles you'll be feeling like the gorgeous goddess that you are.

From Sexy to Sophisticated

Sequined Beaded Dress $98.00 Arden B.

bebe Front Ruffle Strapless Dress $169.00

Cowlneck Dress $55 Victoria's Secret

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Wii Fit Taking Exercise to the Next Level

by Kim Painter
USA Today

Are Wii fit yet? As a nation, we definitely are not in good shape. But 10 months after the launch of Nintendo's Wii Fit -- the first hit video game marketed as an exercise tool -- there are signs that, with the help of gaming systems, some of us might be making progress.

Wii Fit was the bestselling video game in the nation in January and February and had sold more than 6 million units, says market researcher NPD Group.

Marketers have noticed. More so-called exergames are in stores or on the way: The latest, Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (from Ubisoft, for Wii consoles), went on sale earlier this month.

Fitness experts have noticed, too. Though no one says exergames will solve the nation's obesity problem, many hope they will produce real benefits.

"Some exercise is better than none," and "none" is what many people get, says Cedric Bryant, chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise.

People who use exergames certainly move. In Wii Fit, users are invited to try yoga, strength exercises, aerobic activities and balance games while stepping and gyrating on a movement-sensitive board and following an on-screen trainer. The game tells users they are toning their bodies, improving posture and balance and burning calories.

But how much good does it do?

The exercise council is conducting a study to find out. So are researches at the University of Mississippi. They are lending the game to eight families for three months and recording the results, says Scott Owens, a professor of health and exercise science.

"I think that for people who have been inactive, there's a good chance they can see improvements," Owens says. And the game may inspire some to join real yoga classes or jog outside, Bryant adds.

Even hard-core athletes may find some use of such games, says Sue Stanley-Green, a professor of athletic training at Florida Southern College. She is trying Wii Fit as a rehabilitation tool for athletes who are recovering from surgery or injury.

The future will bring games that track heart rates and keep exercisers working at a challenging but safe pace, says Stephen Yang, assistant professor of physical education at the State University of New York-Cortland. Virtual group workouts, with participants connected online to a live coach, will happen, too, he says.

But the games that work best, Yang says, will be the ones that are the most fun.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eye Creams are a Girl's New Best Friend

Forget what they said about Diamonds being a girl's best friend, it's all about the eye cream. From brightening under eye circles to reducing fine lines. Some can even make it seem as though you've had a full night of sleep. From light-weight to gel based their is a cream that suit every sort of skin type or eye problem.

Sundari Neem Eye Cream
Reduces puffiness from around the eye area, reduce the appearance of fine lines and reduces dark circles.
$48.00 (.5 oz)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream
Gently reduces the appearance of fine lines with Alpha-Hydroxy.
(.5 oz) $12.99 drugstore

Molton Brown Amino Therapy Eye Treatment
A light-diffusing gel-cream that reduces lines and instantly refreshes your appearance.
$36.00 (.3 oz)

Clinque All About Eyes Rich
Diminishes the look of under eye circles, shadows, puffiness and fine lines.
$28.50 (.5 oz) Department stores and

Boots Botanics Moisturizing Eye Cream
Gentle, lightweight cream helps reduce appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around delicate eye area.
$13.99 (.84 oz) Target

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Culture: San Francisco Ballet Performs George Balanchine's Jewels

The San Francisco Ballet presents George Balanchine’s Jewels, a beautiful three part evening-length performance of "Emeralds," "Rubies", and "Diamonds". The ballet is a celebration of the golden age of dance and showcases Balanchine's expert choreographer skill and vision. Balanchine said that his gemstone-themed ballet with jeweled costumes was inspired, in part, by his introduction to jeweler Claude Arpels, whose collection of precious stones he admired.

Composers: Gabriel Fauré, Igor Stravinsky, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Choreographer: George Balanchine

Jewels runs from Saturday, April 25 through Sunday, May 10th

War Memorial Opera House
301 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Tickets range in price from $20 to $225

For more information about the San Francisco Ballet visit their website (

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Few Last Minute Easter Basket Suggestions

If you don't want to purchase a ready-made Easter basket there's always the option of making one yourself. They're relatively easy to make and you get to add your very own personal touches to the gift.

What to include in a basket? Pretty much anything you want from Champagne and Chocolate for the Hopeless Romantic to a Jump Rope, Yoga Mat and few Health and Fitness Magazines for the Fitness Beginner.

For Children: plush animals and candy are always a hit but you could also include a few books as well as a doll or an action figure.

For your Foodie Friend: make them a mini gourmet basket and include pasta, marinated artichokes, bread sticks, olive oil, a jar of olives, and marinara sauce.

For Teens: gift cards are usually at the top of their list.

For the Weary Mom: include bath salts, scented candles, a mug, herbal tea, and a Do Not Disturb door sign.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beauty Pick: Tokyo Milk Parfums

Who said fragrances can't be fun? Not me and certainly not Tokyo Milk. They have a playful collection of scents that are quickly becoming a must have. The 18 bottle collection ($28.00 each for one ounce ) includes scents such as Let Them Eat Cake, Dead Sexy, French Kiss, and I Want Candy. Each bottle features an amusing little image shown through the glass.

Besides the cute factor these intoxicating scents are affordable and convenient, which makes them easy to carry in your purse. You can purchase Tokyo Milk at:,, and

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Women Safety Tips: Public Transportation

Whether you're one of the new recruits or a regular user of public transportation you want to make sure you're safe while riding. With more and more people choosing to ride public transportation be it from downsizing to trying to save the environment it's important to include being safe apart of the daily routine.

To encourage you to stay safe I have provided 13 Public Transportation Safety Tips:


1. When riding the subway, choose one that has passengers (not too over crowded) over one that is nearly empty. Because that nearly empty one might look great for thinking but it might make you an easier target for thieves. If at all possible take a sit near the driver.

2. After getting off the train or bus, notice if someone is following you or just going your way. If you suspect that you are being followed, don't continue walking to your destination (you don't want to let them know where you work or live) go into a store or any other nearby public space and wait to see if they pass by or not. If they continue to follow you, call the police immediately.

3. Stay alert and don't distract yourself by playing your MP3 player, texting or talking on your cell phone. You want to be aware of your surroundings.

4. Be sure to have the exact change or fare ready when the bus arrives. It will keep you from having to open your wallet or purse in public.

5. Know your bus or train schedule, to limit the amount of time spent standing around the terminal or bus stop. If possible go online to your city's Department of Transportation to print off the schedule.

6. If possible avoid isolated bus or train stops. You want to be able to see everything and everyone.

7. Don't doze off on a bus or become too engrossed in a book. It can make you an easy target.

8. Keep your purse, shopping bag, backpack, packages or other belongings in your lap, on your arm, or between your feet. Do not leave them on an empty seat.

9. Be Confident -- look, act and move as though you know where you're going and what you’re doing. This will prevent you from looking like an easy target and may help you avoid potential danger.

10. Watch out for pickpockets while in a bus or train terminal. Avoid carrying a wallet in your hip or easily accessible coat pocket. While, carrying a purse or handbag make sure you have a firm grip or secure it close to your body. Beware of people accidentally bumping into you at busy stations.


11. When taking a taxi, know the exact location and directions of where your going so you are not taking to the wrong location. Also to ensure your own safety, send a text message to a friend or family member letting them know the license plates, driver’s name, and identification number of the taxi driver.

12. Before you accept shortcuts, detours, and special stops, make sure you know where you are, where you were, and where it is you ultimately want to go. Know the route or general direction to your destination.

13. When you get to your destination, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside or ask to be let out in a well-lit area where there are plenty of people.

One last thing don't let these tips frighten you into paranoia. These tips are to empower you to stay safe and not become a victim.

Sources: Style and Focus PR,, Public Transportation Safety (,

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Monday, April 6, 2009

What Were They Thinking: Miley Cyrus on the Cover of Glamour Magazine

Editorial by
Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

Why is a teenager on the current May cover of a popular women's magazine? From a marketing standpoint, I feel this is another gimmick that Glamour is using to try to sell magazines. They don't have to stoop to the ongoing youth/teen craze by placing a 16 year old on the cover. There are so many women they could of chosen for example: Malin Akerman (The Watchmen), Jill Scott (HBO's The No. 1 Ladies Dective Agency), Jennifer Hudson, Eliza Dushku (Fox's The Doll House), Zoe Saldana (from the upcoming Star Trek movie) or Erica Durance (CW's Smallville).

Cyrus does not offer anything to Glamour's target market and it makes it seem like they are just trying to increase their magazine sales from Cyrus' fan base. The bulk of her target audience are the pre-teens whom are between the ages of 11-13. They don't exactly fit the Glamour demographics.

In some way the editors knew that she was too young for the magazine because they edited the cover. If you noticed they edited out anything to do with sex.

What's next Abigail Breslin as the next cover model? All joking aside, Glamour really needs to figure out who their target market is, other wise they risk putting off their readers and in this current economic state that would be a costly mistake.

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Easter Gift Suggestions

Easter has always been one of the sweetest holidays and signaled the beginning of spring to most (even though winter is still holding on with the lovely over night snow storm).

Easter is a great way to surprise someone (be it your favorite niece, grandfather or your family pet) with a sweet treat. No need to go over budget their are ready made baskets from every price range found at almost every retailer including Target, Toys R Us, Meijer or if you're the creative type you can put together you're own baskets (more ideas in a later posts).

Easter Deluxe Basket
$100 Dylan's Candy Bar (

Contains: Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Bar 3-pack, Dylan's Candy Bar signature Kettle Corn, solid milk chocolate bunnies, Dylan's Candy Bar Whirly pops, both a small plush "Chocolate the Bunny" and "Vanilla the Bunny" stuffed animal, a paint can of Easter-themed bulk hard candy, gummy bunnies, and a Dylan's Candy Bar Traditions box.

Peter's Easter Surprise
$70 Fortnum & Mason USA (

Contains: a Peter Rabbit Stuffed Toy, No. 5 Milk Chocolate Bar, and Milk & White Chocolate Animal Shapes all in a Green Velveteen Basket.

Bunny Basket
$55.00 Dean & DeLuca (

Contains: a Chocolate Racing Rabbit, a Foil Chick, Hammond's Twist Lollipop, Dean & DeLuca's Sour Chicks and Bunnies, Easter Jelly Beans, Foil-Wrapped Milk Chocolate Eggs all in a classic white wicker basket.

Charbonnel ET Walker Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
$50.00 Neiman Marcus

One pound Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Egg filled with signature English chocolates.

Busy Bunny Basket
$30.00 Dylan's Candy Bar

Contains: a Small Plush "Chocolate the Bunny" stuffed animal, speckled "Easter egg" jelly beans, Easter-themed hard candies, pastel-colored candy corn, and a golden egg.

The Children's Easter Tea Basket
$100 Fortnum & Mason USA

The wicker basket contains: a China Teapot and two China Teacups, Luscombe Strawberry Lemonade, Splendid Sweets Magic Beans 6.7oz, Splendid Sweets Rainbow Drops 6.5oz, Organic Toffee Biscuits 3.5oz box, Milk & White Chocolate Shapes 4.2 oz.

Easter Take Out
$14.00 Dylan's Candy Bar

A Take Out Container filled with White and Milk Chocolate Covered Egg-shaped Sugar Cookies. Kosher Certified.

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