Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New London Designer: Simone Williams

Press Release

Sensual, modern, feminine, beautiful, only a few of the words used to describe the Simone Williams collection. Ranging from cutting edge denim street wear to sophisticated evening wear the Simone Williams collection has something to suit every discerning and fashionable woman. Her unique creative vision and eye for beauty has led to a collection filled with stunning one off ready to wear pieces that create attention wherever worn.

The Simone Williams fashion label has been up and running since the summer of 2004 and is based in Hoxton, London. Simone Williams past collections have had an urban street wear theme where she used a combination of fabrics such as denim and leather. She also uses leather strips and belts integrated with other fabrics. This has become her signature look.

For more information, contact:
Simone Williams 07946 675 432
CC: Ronke Lawal: Business Partner & Associate 07984 141 169
Website: Simone Williams

People Magazines 10 Trends for Spring

1. Bright Accessories
2. Day Clutches
3. Wide Leg Jeans
4. Lucite Accessories
5. Yellow and Cobalt
6. Rosettes
7. Silver
8. Cutout Wedges
9. Wide Trousers
10. Mini Dresses

I love mini dresses in the summer with flip-flops for a casual look. If you remember in Sex and the City, Carrie would carry a day clutch sometimes.

Which items do you plan to buy?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 is bad PR for Paris Hilton

by Lifestyle Guru
(photo credit: is really shedding a bad light on Paris Hilton's image. She has always been know as a Party Girl but I'm sure she was not expecting to get hit with all the bad press from that website.

I am not going to even comment on what is floating around the internet (it's really bad). I just want to comment about the PR issues associated with this. Ms. Hilton just launched a lawsuit against the creators of the website along with trying to get the website shut down. However, the creators stated that the material was purchased legally from the storage facility. Even if she can get the site shut down, the information is being floated through the internet faster than a forest fire.
There is currently an article on that has been shut down however, the site is still up.

Unfortunately, this scandal is even bigger than her infamous tape. Can her publicist Elliot Mintz help turn around this bad press that is brewing? Is the best thing for her to lay low until this goes away?

Paris is currently filming the movie The Hottie and the Nottie on location.

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Are Skinny Models being discriminated?

by Lifestyle Guru

With all the bans on skinny models happening around the world (except the USA at the moment) are they being discrimated against? But what about the models that are naturally thin? The ones that are not doing unhealthy things to remain thin.

I saw an interview on a fashion television show where a runway coordinator made a comment that if the models had eating disorders they would not be able to complete all the shows because they (skinny models) would not have the energy.

In their defense, I am naturally thin and it took several years after graduating from college to reach the triple digits. I would always get asked do you eat (which is so rude) or you must not eat enough (again rude). I do eat. I love food and I love to cook.

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Britney Spears: A Publicist's Dream or Nightmare?

By Lifestyle Guru
(photo credit:

Everytime you hear about Britney Spears, attached to her name is the latest "gossip". She's been in the news non-stop ever since her quickie marriage and divorce in Las Vegas, her dating, marrying and now divorcing Kevin Federline, her average record sales for her In The Zone album, the pictures of her driving with her child not in a car sit, befriending Paris Hilton, etc.

There is a long list of things that Ms. Spears has been doing lately that doesn't seem to help her image. I also noticed that her publicist has been working non-stop trying to address each incident and try to put her in a better light.

For some in Entertainment PR they would see Britney as a challenge and would love the opportunity to try to change or improve her image with the public. While, I am sure the others would not want to represent her because she might be seen as a train wreck.
Would I represent her? I don't know, she obviously needs an image overhaul. I think it would be a challenge but I would do it. I know one thing I would suggest (as well as other publicist would agree) that she needs to be seen out in public with her children showing that she is a responsible and caring young mother. Yesterday there was a clip of her on ET last night, she was at dance rehearsal and had Sean Preston in her arms as she watched her dancers perform. At least that's a start.

For any PR professor reading, I think Britney Spears would make a terrific case study, because you can point out her problems and then come up with workable solutions that could "fix" them.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Has Jessica Simpson's Stock Gone Down in Hollywood?

by Lifestyle Guru
(photo credit:

Is Jessica Simpson still in high demand? With slightly average record sales for her album "A Public Affair" and mediocre box off sales of both Dukes of Hazzard and Employee of the Month. Will her latest movie Blonde Ambition be a hit with her fans?
Does she need to re-create a new image or is there a way to re-market her current image? MTV's The Newlyweds made her a overnight sensation in 2003 before that she was barely mention unless when she was being compared to Britney or Christina.
I don't know if it was the media or her then publicist who marketed her as the ditzy, girl-next-door. She can't continue to be marketed as such if she wanted to continue her career. If 2006 is any consideration, she was barely on any magazine covers and then she made the goof with Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" song.
Three things that are currently doing well for Ms. Simpson are: 1) HairDo, her wigs and hair extensions collection, 2) Jessica Simpson Shoes, which are sold in Nordstrom,,, etc and 3) Jessica Simpson Handbags, are available at Nordstrom, and
What do I think Jessica Simpson should do? I think if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress she should act in a couple of plays and indie films. She should also go back to the studio and work on a really great and strong album, the "A Public Affair" album was not one of her best.
Will she be able to come out on top again or is she over in Hollywood? What do you think?

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Souper Bowl of Caring

We are on a mission to fight hunger and poverty.
You can help.

More than 15 years ago on a Super Bowl Sunday, a single youth group was inspired by a simple prayer. They started the Soupers Bowl of Caring, a youth-led movement that is now an international event.

Since 1990, the Souper Bowl of Caring has raised more than $33 million for individual charities across the country. It is also turning our nation's biggest weekend of football into its larget weekend fo giving.

Each year, tens of thousands of our nation's youth put God's love into action through the Super Bowl of Caring. you can help them feel the significance of caring for others.

Drop a dollar in a soup pot as you leave your place of worship or make a donation online. Your donation will go directly to a charity right in your community. With your help, more dollars will be raised, more lives will be changed, and more young people will experience the joy of serving Christ by serving others.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Style and Focus News Bites

** According to WWD (Women's Wear Daily), Vivica A. Fox will be hosting the Femmy Awards Gala Feb. 6, 2007 in NYC

** NYC Fashion Week is Feb. 2-9 in Bryant Park.

** Bobbi Brown is celebrating her 50th birthday this spring by releasing her fourth book, "Bobbi Brown Living Beauty," available in March.

** Socialite Amanda Hearst continues to shine by modeling in Lilly Pulitzer's Fall 2006 catalog/campaign.

** According to E! News, Katie Holmes will be gearing for a comeback to films soon and Wilmer Valderrama will launch a mens fashion line called Calavena in February.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Two New Blog Additions

I recently added two new blogs to my site (when you get a chance please visit):

Flashy Shades: Everything you wanted to know about the latest in sun glasses.

Girls Handbook: is a site that gives a girl the know how from fashion to what the celebs are wearing on the red carpet.

Can the Gap be saved?

by Lifestyle Guru

The Gap has gotten a lot of press lately for low sales, possible selling off from parent company, lack of traffic in stores and on the website. So, what happend? In my opinion, I think the Gap lost sight of it's customers.

They seemed to be more interested in getting the latest celebrity to star in their commercials and ads instead of keeping an eye out on consumer trends and new target markets.

A trend that was brewing was teen marketing. The Gap also had more competitors than they previously had in the past for instance: Abercrombie & Finch, American Apparel, American Eagle and speciality boutiques selling designer apparel. Had they realized they could have branched off and created a teen specific store to get a jump on their competition. Many teens started to feel that The Gap really wasn't cool enough to them.

They also didn't seem to know who their target market was anymore. Who were they trying to attract? Teens, college students, 20-somethings, 30+ market or everyone?

Another market that they could of attracted is the college graduate. Many wore Gap clothes while attending college (including myself). An opportunity would of been to promote their affordable career category that they have in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Essence, GQ and Maxim (for the guys) and different TV shows. Many of the college graduates "graduated" to Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, The Limited, Express and designer apparel. They had a "what to wear to work" page on their website for a short time. In my opionion they should of kept it.

Can the Gap be saved? I hope so, I am a fan and I still think they have great clothes there. I just think they need to focus on the customer and less on the celebs. Let me know what you think.

Some of you might be asking, What do I know? Even though I am a young professional in Marketing and PR, some of my strengths and areas of expertise are:

Trend analyst
Creative development
Identifying new target markets
Customer Relationship Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communication
Focusing on the teen, 20-something and lifestyle markets
Trouble shooting problems and spotting weaknesses
Marketing, public relations and event planning

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tyra Banks Silence Her Critics

by Lifestyle Guru

Tyra Banks is on the current cover of People Magazine addressing all her critics that are calling her fat. On the cover Tyra is wearing a strapless red swimsuit and standing next to the headline "You Call This Fat?"

Ms. Banks has stated that she currently weights 161 lbs and she never felt happier. She doesn't deny that she has gained weight but not the reported "40 lbs in one month". While modeling she weighted 131 lbs, but since she is no longer modeling she feels she doesn't need to live up to those modeling standards any more. I commend Tyra for taking a stand and not running off and doing some extreme diet just to make others happy.

Please pick up the current People Magazine to read all about Tyra Banks.

New magazines soon to be hitting the newsstand

I love magazines and these are a few magazines that I found interested that soon will be published.

LOGAN MAGAZINE is a lifestyle and fashion magazine that provides inspiration as well as fashion and beauty articles to women with disabilities. Topics include personal and professional success stories of people with disabilities, tools to make everyday tasks easier, mentoring and pathways to independence through technology. The target audience is 14- to 35-years old. It's currently available by subscription, for more information visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

COCKTAIL WEEKLY is aimed at 20-somethings interested in celebrity news, relationship advice, health topics, fashion and beauty features. Maria Lissandrello has been named editor-in-chief of this weekly magazine from Bauer Publishing. Accordiing to advertising Age, the debut issue is due out on newsstands September 21.

The fashion mecca that is Vogue is introducing VOGUE HOME. Hamish Bowles is editor-in-chief of this Vogue offspring, which is still being tested. Reports indicate that only one edition is slated for 2007.

REALTALK LA will embrace the multicultural diversity of the LA area and cover creative, fashion, design, business, health, philanthropic, etc. The article tone is sophisticated and street smart. Jay Levin, founder of sister title LA WEEKLY, will oversee this publication, which is due to launch in April.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dessert is even sweeter in Chicago

(photo credit:

If you plan on taking a trip to Chicago, make sure you go to the Sugar Dessert Bar. Especially if you love desserts then this is the place to go. It's trendy and fun. I went with a few friends and had a great time. We ordered a few drinks and had amazing delicious desserts.
This is great place to meet up for Happy Hour or late night entertainment. Make sure you are dressed to impress, this is not your local Dairy Queen. One thing is to either arrive early or call ahead to reserve a table. Roomy Booths are avaible for VIPs. It's a nice place for singles to hang out too.

I am going to give it a 4 star rating because I had a great time, delicious drinks and desserts. The interior is very sexy, playful, and colorful (see pictures above). The staff is very knowledgable and will help with suggesting drinks that will go with certain desserts.
For more information:
Sugar Dessert Bar
108 W Kinzie St
Chicago, IL 60605
Hours: Sun-Fri 5pm-2am Sat 5pm-3am
(312) 822-9999

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Proenza Schouler coming to Target

by Lifestyle Guru
I know that all the lovely Fashionistas know about the Proenza Schouler collection coming to Target in February.

At one point in the Fashion Industry is was considered career suicide to even consider creating a line of clothes for stores like Target. For instance, when Issac Mizrahi announced he was creating a line for Target, many said that his design career would be over. Fortuantely Issac had the last laugh, he became more popular than he was in the 90's. He has a successful TV show on the Style Network and newly published magazine Issac's Style Book. He is now a household name, even little old ladies know about Issac Mizrahi.

Since Issac, other designers have started to create affordable priced designs such as a Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney had limited collections at H&M, Behnaz Sarafpour recently unveiled her collection at Target and Liz Lange maternity collection at Target has been thriving since its unveiling.

Below are few pictures of the fanstastic fashions from the duo of Proenza Schouler (photo credit:

Blog additions

I recently added two blogs to my site (thank you for being the first two)

Pink Cupcakes is brought to you by Rachael and Amy all the way from New Zealand! It's a mix of fashion, music, movies, humour and everyday life.

Frugal Glam: Looking good does not have to cost you a fortune which is why I started this blog. There are really great products out that are good quality and I intend on sharing them with you.

Monday, January 22, 2007

ABC Family Introduces a New Family Show

by Lifestyle Guru

(photo credit: ABC Family)

With the brewing controversy of a lack of diversity on network television. ABC Family has created a new family show, Lincoln Heights (on Monday nights, check your local listings). The show centers on an African-American police officer and his family moving back to the father's old neighborhood. In the beginning of the show the whole family each deal with the transitional issues of moving to their new neighborhood.

This is a great family show and after seeing the first two episode. I would consider this a hit show, hopefully ABC will continue to promote the show to attract viewers.

According to research, in 2006 ABC Family was available to more than 89 million US homes (advertising age cable guide April 2006). Which gives them a nice window of opportunity. In my opinion, ABC Family will have an advange over the other networks because they will be tapping into a much ignored viewer.

Currently, the CW network is the only station that has shows geared to people of color with the shows Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends and The Game but those shows are all comedies. The CW network is not without it's own share of controversy from only showing the "Black" shows on Monday night instead of filtering them throughout their weekly program schedule. Since, Lincoln Heights is a dramatic show ABC Family has a chance to capture a whole new audience again if they continue to promote it.

For more information about Lincoln Heights go to:

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Is MTV promoting greed with Sweet 16 show?

by Lifestyle Guru

I have been following MTV's Sweet 16 show for a while and I have come to the conclusion that MTV is marketing greed and envy to young girls. With the popularity of celebrity culture growing, more and more teenagers want that celebrity lifestyle.

That's were Sweet 16 comes in. The show centers around affluent teens planning their Sweet 16 party's but these are not ordinary birthday parties. The parties average in cost of thousands of dollars including the parents giving gifts of expensive cars such as Jaguars and BMWs. Each episode is more elaborate than the last.

The problem I have with the show is it makes it seems as though this is the norm when it comes to Sweet Sixteen Birthday parties. Another problem, I have is it make it seem cool to be spoiled, mean, and self-centered. Most parents in America can not afford parties like these but that hasn't stopped some teens from getting their parents to foot the bill for such elaborate parties and going into debt in the process.

Shows like this that are geared towards teens are not in the best interest, because the ones who can not afford these types of parties feel that they don't measure up or feel that they need to have big and expensive parties to be popular or to impress others.

The only episode that showed the teens in a good light was the first episode which showed two girls planning their party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Instead of the party being all about them they turned the party into a fundraiser by charging their guest a fee.

Is this ethical to market these types of shows to teenagers? Let me know what you think.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is the Celebrity Fragrance Market Over Saturated?

by Lifestyle Guru

Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stephani, Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss will now join the ranks of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Diddy and the rest of ever growing list of celebrity fragrance makers.

Christina Aguilera recently signed a deal with Procter & Gamble to produce her fragrance. According to her website, she say's "I love trying new things in my music and in fashion. To have a perfume of my own is the beginning of an exciting adventure."

But, is this market already too saturated with these fragrances? With our current culture of celebrity worship, fans are clamouring for more. But is the fragrance industry at risk for putting out too many celebrity fragrances? Fans are very fickle, one minute your Hot and the next minute your Not. Will this reflect in perfume sales? Only time will tell.
What do you think? Is the demand still high for product niche?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Charmed finds life in Syndication

Picture Source:

Ever since Charmed went off the air into syndication, it has turned into a cult classic. On TNT alone it's shown four times a day/five days a week and has become even more popular since the last episode aired May 2006 on the WB network. The DVDs are selling at a steady rate as well as the books. I think the fans are responsible for 90% of the marketing and promotion of this show.

The popularity of the show has spawned fans to petition for spin off shows. There are thousands of fansites, websites, and blogs devoted to the TV show and more are created daily.

Do you think Charmed has found a new life in syndication? Let us know what you think.

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Intermix 2007 BlackBook

Trying to figure out what's hot then why not pick up INTERMIX BlackBook: Exclusive 2007 Jet Set Guide.

Since Intermix knows what's hot when it comes to fashion and accessories, you can trust them when they tell you what's hot in some the hottest major cities such as NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, The Hamptons and many more.

The book retails for $18.00 and you can order it from

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jessica Chase Lauches Her Spring Collection

Designer Jessica Chase Launches Her Spring Collections at the MAGIC Show in Las Vegas

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Designer Jessica Chase has teamed up with international manufacturer VANGROUP to launch her new accessorieslines at the MAGIC Show, in LasVegas, NV, February 13-16.

Jessica's colorful spring collection consists of a new line of her popular hand knit handbags, knit in light spring cottons and fabrics, accessorized with fringe, beads, and other jewelry. Bag-Hag's spring collection will also include a new line of leather handbags and other high-end leather accessories featured in Jessica's signature hot pink color embossed and decorated with her beautiful butterfly logo.

The collection includes a new line of media cases that hold PDA, cell phone, or MP3 players. Regarding her collections, Jessica states, "I have always felt passionate for art, design and fashion. My interpretation of color, materials and trends help me create products that are sexy, fun and beautiful for a wide range of individuals."

The MAGIC Show is an all-encompassing preview of the new season's offerings. The MAGIC Marketplace features entire collections, exciting launches, and undiscovered trends in men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories.

Bag-Hag by Jessica is currently carried by over 200 stores nationwide and in Ferichi in Shang-hai, China. Store locations are listed on the designer's website at Bag-Hag handbags, muffs and scarves have made their way to some ofHollywood's finest celebrities including Jillian Barberie, Marcia Cross, Daniella Clarke (designer of Frankie B Jeans), Camille Guaty, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Jane Leeves, Eva Longoria, Kim Raver, Melissa Rivers, Nicolette Sheridan and Tori Spelling.

For more information on Jessica, visit her site at

Golden Globes Winners

The Golden Globes went over big last night because there were so many fresh faces that won. I thought the award show was great because not the same people winning awards each year.

2007 Winners (not a complete list):

America Ferrera from Ugly Betty won Best TV actress in a musical or comedy

TV show Ugly Betty won for Best TV musical or comedy

Meryl Streep winning for her role in The Devil Wears Prada

Forest Whitaker winning for his role in The Last King of Scotland

Sacha Baron Cohen for best film actor in a musical or comedy for Borat

Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls) for Best supporting actress in a motion picture

Dream Girls for Best motion picture for musical or comedy

Eddie Murphy (Dream Girls) for Best supporting actor for a motion picture

Grey's Anatomy Best TV series drama

Hugh Laurie Best performance by actor in a TV Series (House M.D.)

Kyra Sedgwick Best actress in a TV series (The Closer)

Maybe wining will open more doors for America Ferrera and Jennifer Hudson and they will become more sought after by Hollywood.

Betty Suarez the new role model

Picture Source:
Move over Paris Hilton, Betty Suarez is the new role model.
Ugly Betty is one of my favorite TV shows and I do consider Betty to be a role model for young women. When most of the women that most little girls look up to are getting arrested for DUI, partying excessively and other reasons.
She is able to have good self esteem despite being surrounded by the peer pressure to be extra skinny. Women of all ages consider Betty a role model.
Betty has also started a new trend of wearing Sweater Vests. Some variations of the sweater vest I found are:

Calvin Klein Johnny Collar Matte Jersey Dress $138.00 (Nordstrom)
Fang Polka-Dot Shirt with Built-In Vest $36.00 (Macy's)

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Monday, January 15, 2007

MTV's The Hills Premieres Tonight

Picture Source: MTV
Before I forget to include this post, MTV is premiering the second season of The Hills tonight (check your local listing for time). Last week MTV showed a promo teaser to spark interest for the new season.

I can only wonder what's going to happen to Lauren "LC" Conrad this time around. Maybe she will stay away from loser guys? Who knows. Maybe Heidi will go back to school? Who knows.

The Hills kind of reminds of a female version of HBO's Entourage. Since one of my friend's adores this show, I helped her plan a Hills party for tonight.

I planned and organized it for her so that when she gets home from work all she has to do is a little set up before all the girls come over.

I found the perfect drink (they are all 21 years old) to go with the theme and decorations.

It's called the Ritz Fizz. This delicious drink contains fresh lemon juice, blue Curacao, amaretto and chilled champagne.

Let me know what you thought of the first episode of The Hills.

Relief from Blackberry Tension

For those of you who are suffering from tension from being on the computer, cell phone or blackberry non-stop there is relief from the Dorit Baxter Day Spa in Manhattan.

The Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa offers a Tech Neck Massage (click on the link for more information). This massage relieves the stress and tension associated from sitting in front of the computer on a daily basis.

There are two treatment time options:

30 minutes for $59.00
60 minutes for $95.00

Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiples violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction...the chain reaction of evil--hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars--must be broken, or shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome to Style and Focus

I created Style and Focus Lifestyle PR because Marketing and PR are my life. I love talking about different products, companies, trends, parties and events, entertainment, etc.

I also love all things beauty, fashion, food & beverages, books, etc.

Please feel to leave your comments about each post.

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