Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flowers on the First Date: Are they Still Important?

by Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

Is Romance Dead? Regarding flowers and dating that is. Ladies, what do you think? Do you still think it's import to receive flowers on a first date anymore? Or is it considered old-fashioned and out dated now a days?

Well, among my friends, it's split. Some think it's great to get flowers on a first date (it shows that he sees you as more than just a casual hook up). "The flowers don't have to be really expensive, they are just seen as romantic gesture." While the other half, feel that flowers aren't necessary anymore, it's outdated (you can still feel special without getting flowers). "And who has time to be taking care of a bunch of flowers anyway?"

What do you think? Flowers, Yes? No? Doesn't matter?

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What to Wear: For a Sorority Alumnae Formal (Reader Request)

Someone asked for advice (in the comment section) for what to wear to their Sorority Alumnae Formal. Since you didn't say whether you were on a budget or whether you preferred long or short dresses, I included a variety to get you started.

Whatever dress you end up buying, make sure it's comfortable because you will be wearing it all night and most likely dancing as well.

As a sorority alum, I can relate to finding beautiful yet comfortable formal dresses because you will be in it all night and don't want to worry about something not fitting or feeling uncomfortable while trying to dance or catch up with old friends.

Avery Halter Short Prom Dress $69.90 Windsorstore.com

BCBG Strapless Silk Gown $360.00 Nordstrom

Yoli Halter Prom Dress $139.90 Windsorstore.com

Dee Dee Strapless Prom Dress $149.90 Windsorstore.com

JS Boutique Strapless Ruched Satin Gown $98.00 Nordstrom

Jewel-Embellished Taffeta Gown $498.00 BCBG (bcbg.com)

Joan Strapless Prom Dress $99.90 Windsorstore.com

Way-In Sweetheart Party Dress $68.00 Nordstrom

Strapless Taffeta Gown $598.00 BCBG

Strapless Printed Gown $468.00 BCBG

Adriana Papell One Shoulder Jersey Gown $148.00 Nordstrom

Tiered Silk Gown $448.00 BCBG

Back-Detailed Jersey Gown $298.00 BCBG

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event: Meet Handbag Designer Rebecca Minkoff Today at Saks in Beverly Hills

Received this event invite this morning (wish I could attend but can't) so if you can have fun.

Event: Meet Handbag Designer Rebecca Minkoff and view the Rebecca Minkoff Collection, available exclusively at Saks Fith Avenue.

For more information, please call 310.275.4211

When: Today (April 22) from 2 - 4PM

Saks Fifth Avenue
9600 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

L'Aroma & Queen Bee Host a Children's Reading Series. Featured books: Chinese Folktales

What: L'Aroma & Queen Bee Introduce a New Children's Book Reading Series

Bring your kids this Saturday (4/24) to our new book reading series at Upstairs @ L'Aroma in West Newton. At the book readings, we will be reading children's books from different regions of the world. Kids will enjoy samples of desserts from the featured region. This week the featured region is China. We will be reading story books based on Chinese Folktales.

When: Saturday, April 24th 3:00p.m.

To attend, please sign up for the event by replying by call 617-630-0006.

Include your name, the ages and names of children that are attending. * The book reading is free. Sign up is required as we have limited space.

Feel Free to contact us with any questions.


L'Aroma & Queen Bee
15 Spencer St
West Newton, MA 02465
Tel: 617-630-0006

Unable to attend, here are a few books I think your little one might be interested in:

Seven Chinese Sisters Retold by Kathy Tucker Ill. by Grace Lin

Once there were seven Chinese sisters who lived together and took care of each other. Each one had a special talent. When baby Seventh Sister is snatched by a hungry dragon, her loving sisters race to save her.

Tikki Tikki Tembo Retold by Arlene Mosel Ill. by Blair Lent

When the eldest son falls down a well, help is slow coming because his younger brother is having a difficult time getting help because his older brother's name is very long resoluting him losing his breath and making it hard for others to understand him.

Stone Soup Retold by Jon J. Muth

Three strangers, hungry and tired, pass through a war-torn village. Embittered and suspicious from the war, the people hide their food and close their windows tight. That is, until the clever strangers suggest making a soup from stones. Intrigued by the idea, everyone brings what they have until— together, they have made a feast fit for a king! In this inspiring story about the strength people possess when they work together,

Happy Earth Day!!! 5 Easy Earth Day Tips

There are so many tips for living a greener life and some can be a bit expensive and hard to do. However, these following tips are easy on the wallet and are easy to do:

For last year's Style and Focus 10 Easy Green Living Tips click here

1. Buy an easy to care for potted plant. It will increase the oxygen in your home and beautify your living space.

2. Open your windows for fresh air instead of using air fresheners.

3. Less is More. Learn to de-clutter by recycling and donating. It will make it easier to care for the items you have.

4. Go the library or borrow books from your friends it will not only help the earth but also save you extra money.

5. Buy earth friendly cleaning products or make your own using vinegar and baking soda.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Latest Obsession: Spring & Summer Hats

When I see a really cute Spring & Summer Hat, I think of a carefree day outside enjoying the warm weather. Lately when I'm out shopping I can't help stoping and looking at a really cute hat. I have already bought a few and might buy just one more.

Chloe Straw Fedora $38.00 Free People (freepeople.com)

Woven Floppy Hat $10.80 Forever21

Raffia Straw Fedora $39.50 Banana Republic

Amanda Straw Hat $7.99 delias.com

Boardwalk Straw Fedora $48.00 Free People (freepeople.com)

Ribbed Straw Hat $16.95 New York & Company

Heritage Newsboy $58.00 Free People (freepeople.com)

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Anyone Watching These TV Shows?

Did anyone watch the finale episode of Ugly Betty last night? I wasn't able to catch it last night, but I did tape it. I'll try to watch it this weekend. Most of the shows are nearing the end of the season.

Anyone else enjoying the nerds on The Big Bang Theory? They are just so nerdy and it's so funny to watch. Who watches Jessica Simpson's reality show? I tried to watch it, but I found it a little bit boring. Most of the things she's showing I've seen on other shows or have read about.

Has anyone been watching Fringe? It's one of my favorite shows, it's very good. I can only image what the season finale will be like? Is there anyone that still watch Supernatural or Smallville? I still like watching both but I feel like it's about time for these shows to come to an end (despite both shows being picked up for another season).

Anyone plan on watching the new season of Doctor Who (airing this Saturday on BBC) with the new doctor? I'll give it a try and see if the new actor is any good. I have to get used to watching a new doctor. David Tennant did a very good job playing Doctor Who.

Anyone watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon series? They are getting to the last few episodes of the season. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan you might like this cartoon series. It's action packed and fun to watch. Plus, you are never too old to watch cartoons.

Even though I'm not a reality show person I have been watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane since the first season. It's really fun and interesting to watch because she's original and not another wanna be. I also caught the premiere of Brandy & Ray J's reality show. It seems like it will be interesting I might watch another episode.

I forgot to ask if anyone is watching: CSI: NY or NCIS: Los Angeles? I love watching these two shows. I think they are the best out both series.

What shows are you watching?

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What to Wear For: A Fun & Flirty Date

Dress shown: Tiered Taffeta Dress $358.00 BCBG (bcbg.com)

Who says dates are just for the weekend? Not you!

You're feeling extra flirty, so what should you wear? How about a short ruffle dress that will show off your legs. The ruffles will match your playful, flirty vibe but don't over do it with the ruffles, you don't want them to over power you or look ridiculous.

Wear with trench coat, a sexy pair of strappy heels and beautiful clutch.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nesting: Shabby Chic Beauty Organizers

There is just something so pretty, feminine and shabby chic about these Wire Beauty Organizers from PBteen (pbteen.com). They would look perfect in your bathroom or on top of a dresser in your bedroom, making it a lot easier to find all your beauty products.

Brush Cup $15.00
Rectangle Tray $29.00
2-Tier Tray $39.00

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Which Movie Do You Want To See: Kick-Ass, The Losers or The A-Team

Which of these movies are you hyped up for? Kick-Ass, The Losers or The A-Team.

Out of the three I think the one I really want to see is The Losers. The trailer really has me interested and it looks really good. The Losers is based on a comic book series published by DC comics. It seems like it has a good balance of action, drama and comedy plus a great selection of actors.

For Kick-Ass I'm not really sure about that one. Nerds attempting to become superheroes. I think I'll just stick to watching the nerds on The Big Bang Theory instead.

The trailer for The A-Team doesn't really seem that interesting at least to me. It seems like it's lacking the charm that the original 80's TV series had as well as the actors seem like a total miscast. It seems more like they're focusing more on the action than the acting, I could be wrong and this could be really good. I guess I will have to wait until June to see. A fun bonus is two of the original actors Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz (Face and Murdock) will have cameos in this movie.

Kick-Ass Release date: 4/16

The Losers Release date: 4/23

The A-Team Release date: 6/11

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Housekeeping Celebrates 125th Anniversary with May Collector's Issue Dedicated To 125 Years Of Educating, Advocating And Entertaining

Motivating the Next Generation of Influential Women, Cover Star Michelle Obama Speaks About Life in the White House, Her Marriage, and Her Role as Mom-in-Chief

May Anniversary Issue Available April 13

NEW YORK, April 7 -- For 125 years, Good Housekeeping has been the go-to resource for generations of women looking for practical strategies and solutions – from time-saving tips and delicious recipes to stylish, affordable fashion and beauty, advice about relationships and parenting; and valuable information about heath and wellness. In May, the leading women's service magazine devotes its 125th anniversary collector's issue to the women whose nerve, imagination and passion have changed history. The May anniversary issue is on newsstands April 13.

Editor in Chief Rosemary Ellis interviews First Lady Michelle Obama, who graces the cover, and is the ultimate inspiration for modern women and Good Housekeeping readers: as a wife and mother, she makes family time a priority, she balances an extremely busy job and still finds time to take care of herself, most notably with what she calls "killer" workouts, extra early in the morning.

The centerpiece of the May anniversary issue, "125 Women Who Changed Our World," celebrates women who have stood up for what they believed and initiated change, improving the lives of women forever. In honor of this anniversary feature, Good Housekeeping asked readers to select the top 10 women who deserved special recognition. The results for "America's Top 10" poll are, in order:

1. Oprah Winfrey: Queen of all media

2. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Secretary of State, former First Lady, former U.S. senator

3. Mother Teresa: Missionaries of charity founder

4. Rosa Parks: Civil rights activist

5. Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady, U.S. delegate to the United Nations, human rights activist

6. Michelle Obama (May cover star): First African-American First Lady

7. Amelia Earhart: First woman to fly across the Atlantic

8. Princess Diana: Royal and humanitarian

9. Marie Curie: First woman to receive a Nobel Prize

10. Margaret Thatcher: First female Prime Minister of Britain

For the complete list of "125 Women Who Changed Our World," pick up the May issue on April 13 or visit: www.goodhousekeeping.com.

Balancing a rich heritage with a forward-looking attitude has made Good Housekeeping one of the most enduring and respected American brands. In addition to "125 Women Who Changed Our World," the May collector's issue is packed with special anniversary features for its 25 million readers, including:

• COVER STORY: "Michelle Obama is Finally Home": In her second year as First Lady, the Mom in Chief talks about overcoming her fears, keeping her marriage close, raising healthy kids, and her secret vice.

• "The Good Fight": Before there was an FDA, a Consumer Product Safety Commission, or regulatory law, there was the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, which began evaluating products and issuing consumer alerts in 1900. This feature highlights some of the Research Institute's most memorable moments of advocating and agitating.

• "GH Readers Through the Generations": Since 1905…1934…1982 – that's how long some readers have been enjoying the magazine. "GH Readers Through the Generations" reveals the surprising stories of how Good Housekeeping has made a difference in the lives of five families.

• "Stars in Our Eyes": Celebrity portraits and quotes that have appeared in the pages of Good Housekeeping over the years.

• "Inside the GH Test Kitchen": An up-close look at how the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen creates and approves the recipes and food-related articles featured in every issue of the magazine.

• "I Would Still Wear That": Good Housekeeping found stunning looks from past issues that are still stylish today.

• GH FICTION CONTEST WINNER: "Layers of Love": Selected by award-winning author Jodi Picoult, the grand-prize winning short story, written by Lori Rader Day, explores the ties that bond families together.

The magazine's signature elements are integral to every issue throughout 2010, along with anniversary specials, marked by a gold "125" icon, including:

• "125 Best" series: The magazine's comprehensive lists of the "125 Best" parenting strategies, organization tips, 125 calorie snacks, etc.

• "Looking Back": archival pieces, from cartoons and jokes to fashion and beauty advice.

Vintage Covers: Every month, the magazine will share a favorite vintage cover, highlighting some of the timeless illustrations and photography that has always been a part of our heritage.

• "On Your Mind": provocative, compelling or ironic readers' letters from years gone by that give today's readers an idea of what their "predecessors" were thinking.

About Good Housekeeping:

Founded in 1885, Good Housekeeping (www.goodhousekeeping.com) magazine reaches 25 million readers each month. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute, the consumer product evaluation laboratory of the magazine founded in 1900, is dedicated to improving the lives of consumers and their families through education and product evaluation. Before any advertisement appears in the magazine, it must first pass the Good Housekeeping Research Institute's evaluations, and thereby become eligible to display the Good Housekeeping Seal. Products that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal carry a limited warranty: if the product proves to be defective within two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping will replace the item or refund the consumer. Readers can also interact with the brand with Good Housekeeping mobile (m.goodhousekeeping.com). In addition to its U.S. flagship, Good Housekeeping publishes 15 editions around the world. Hearst Magazines is a unit of Hearst Corporation (www.hearst.com) and is one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines, with nearly 200 editions around the world, including 15 U.S. titles and 20 magazines in the United Kingdom, published through its wholly-owned subsidiary, The National Magazine Company Limited. Hearst reaches more adults than any other publisher of monthly magazines (73.8 million total adults, according to MRI, Fall 2009).

For more information about Good Housekeeping's 125th anniversary or the May collector's issue, please contact Kelly Carone Abdo at 212.649.2321 or kcaroneabdo@hearst.com.

SOURCE Good Housekeeping

Every Girl Needs: Chic Rain Wear

There's no need to worry about being unprepared for April showers with so many chic and colorful rain wear in stores.

It doesn't matter whether you favor the traditional yellow rain poncho, a classic trench or a light-weight pea coat you will be prepared for the crazy spring weather by by having the 2 Things Every Girl Needs: an Umbrella and Rain Boots. Keep from looking like a little kid by find items that fit you fashion personality and by not making it so Matchy-Matchy.

Automatic Open Striped Umbrella $24.50 Target

London Fog All Weather Walking Coat $118.00 Nordstrom

Capelli New York Party Animal Rain Boot $24.99 Target

Automatic Open/Close Floral Dot Umbrella $27.75 Target

Nikki Belted Coat with Thinsulate $79.50 delias.com

Ditsy Dots Rain Boots $24.99 Target

Kamik 'Ellie' Rain Boot $79.95 Nordstrom

Leighton Skirted Coat with Thinsulate $79.50 delias.com

Jeffrey Campbell 'Voom' Rain Boot $64.95 Nordstrom

MoMA Mini Sky Umbrella $35.99 Target

Shelbi Hooded Coat $49.99 delias.com

Stripe Bubble Umbrella $21.99 Target

Zetta Solid Rainboots $24.99 Target

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