Monday, April 6, 2009

What Were They Thinking: Miley Cyrus on the Cover of Glamour Magazine

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Why is a teenager on the current May cover of a popular women's magazine? From a marketing standpoint, I feel this is another gimmick that Glamour is using to try to sell magazines. They don't have to stoop to the ongoing youth/teen craze by placing a 16 year old on the cover. There are so many women they could of chosen for example: Malin Akerman (The Watchmen), Jill Scott (HBO's The No. 1 Ladies Dective Agency), Jennifer Hudson, Eliza Dushku (Fox's The Doll House), Zoe Saldana (from the upcoming Star Trek movie) or Erica Durance (CW's Smallville).

Cyrus does not offer anything to Glamour's target market and it makes it seem like they are just trying to increase their magazine sales from Cyrus' fan base. The bulk of her target audience are the pre-teens whom are between the ages of 11-13. They don't exactly fit the Glamour demographics.

In some way the editors knew that she was too young for the magazine because they edited the cover. If you noticed they edited out anything to do with sex.

What's next Abigail Breslin as the next cover model? All joking aside, Glamour really needs to figure out who their target market is, other wise they risk putting off their readers and in this current economic state that would be a costly mistake.

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Anonymous said...

Why in the world is Miley Cyrus on the cover? In fact, why is she even in Glamour? Did they really think women wanted to read about a teenager? If I wanted to read about her I would pick up a teen magazine.

As a subscriber, I was really disappointed that Glamour decided to jump on the teen celebrity craze and lower its standards by placing Miley Cyrus on the cover.

As a young professional, I want to see things that interest me and not who's hot in hollywood.