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Is The New DC Comics Promoting Sexism? or Simply Don't Understand Women?

By C. Brooks
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The reboot was supposed to make reading the comics more assessable but so far they have been doing a pretty good job of offending old and new readers. As a long time DC comic reader, I have noticed a lot of issues with the new 52:

1. Lois Lane's diminished role:

I feel like Lois has lost many of her characteristics and personality traits that have made her popular. For instance, she has lost her go-getter attitude and now with her job promotion she's no longer a reporter. She no longer goes out there trying to find the truth and doing whatever it takes to get to the truth for her article. Now she just sits behind her desk as an executive. It's like DC said lets just get the little lady out of the way. But with her personality, can you really see her being happy sitting back while others get to do all the work. So far, I have only read the first two issues (the 3rd is out next week) and hopefully the Lois Lane that fans love will make a comeback.

2. Wonder Woman being depowered and the daughter of Zeus:

Zeus being the father of Wonder Woman, feels like another money making gimmick of DC to get more sales. I liked her old origin with her being made from clay. Queen Hippolyta wanted a child, she sculpted her from clay and the gods blessed her with Diana. Wonder Woman's origin was her own, it's what made her special. According to DC's co-publisher Jim Lee, by "making her a god actually makes her more human, more relatable”.

To me it just makes her into another child of Zeus (meaning nothing special). Now she's just like Hercules. Unless, DC forgot, they already did this with Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandmark, unless they've changed her origin as well).

Has anyone noticed how weak or depowered Wonder Woman is in the new books compared to how powerful she was before the reboot. Maybe they are working up to getting her to her full powers or it will just be another new change for her.

3. Sexy or Sleazy? Starfire, Catwoman or Voodoo

A) Starfire:

They seem to have it in their heads that Starfire's only real purpose is to be eye candy for the "Red Hood and The Outlaws" book. What happened to Starfire? Not to mention what happened to Roy? They turned him into a complete Jerk. Anyway back to Starfire, she is just this emotionless pin-up girl who Jason and Roy seem to have no problem passing around. Where's that tough, kick-ass girl who doesn't take any crap but still has emotions? How did she end up with those two losers? Maybe the writers will get around to answering those questions but for now they are just content to have Kory pose and show off her body.

B) Catwoman:

Catwoman has always been a sexy character. She owns her sexuality but she was smart and tough and could hold her own while the current rebooted Catwoman just seems to be only about sex and revenge (and making stupid mistakes). The old Catwoman was mysterious, sneaky and yes sexy but not constantly thrown in the readers face. Like with Starfire, they just seem to enjoy showing off Selina's body instead of giving the reading a great character to like.

The first issue was just bad and was truly aimed at the fanboys who just want to see Catwoman in certain poses. The second issue was much better but still has a lot of work to go to make it something for some of us fangirls to enjoy as well.

I hope the comic will get better because Catwoman is a great character.

C) Voodoo:

Okay, I get it she's a stripper. The whole 1st issue was focused on her working the strip club. Again, I get it she's a stripper but was there anything else I was suppose to know about her. The second issue at least focused more on her and on the people who are searching for her. I felt like it was still lacking something. Aside from the first book, I think Voodoo will get better and much more interesting. It kind of reminds me of the X-Files but apparently with T & A.

All three are practically T & A shows but Starfire in the "Red Hood and the Outlaws" has the be the worst because at least with Catwoman and Voodoo you see who the characters are instead of just being pin-up girls. Starfire is just an empty shell with nothing of value besides her body that she continues to only show.

4. The lack of female writers:

With having a small percentage of female writers you don't get a good balance between the male and female mindset. What we get is the male writers view of how they see women. Yes, we are sexual beings but that is not all that we are. We are more than just our boobs and butt. However, if you were to browse through most of the new 52 you would think that's how a majority of the women in the DC comics are portrayed. This makes it pretty clear that they don't know women other than the fantasies that they create. Where is the diversity that DC said they were striving for?

5. Poorly executed characters:

Prior to the reboot, the Birds of Prey characters (Black Canary, Huntress and Oracle were smart, funny, strong capable women and not to mention cool). However, the new BoP is a bit dull and lacking something. Black Canary with Katana and Starling seem like it would be interesting but for now it's not. At least the artwork isn't as bad as some of the other books. I'm holding out hope that this will get better especially with Huntress, the new Batgirl and Poison Ivy joining the team later on.

Another poorly executed character is Harley Quinn in the new "Suicide Squad" it's bad enough her design is horrible - with the hair and the outfit - but the character was no fun. Harley Quinn was known for being a lovable lunatic. That's not the only female character that's different in the SS. Have you seen the younger, thinner Amanda Waller. I guess they wanted her to look like all the other women in comics.

To answer my title questions, Is the New DC Comics Promoting Sexism? or Simply Don't Understand Women? Yes on both counts. I think DC is giving what they think the guys want (half naked women posing just for them) and truly not understanding what their female readers want. Perhaps, I expected too much from the reboot. I actually thought DC really was trying to improve but so far it kind of seems like they have taken a step back at least with some of the female characters.

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