Friday, June 29, 2007

Movies I Want l See This Weekend



Live Free or Die Hard

Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy the Sun!

Milly Spring 2007 Collection Pt. 3

By now I'm sure you know this is one of my favorite collections. So here's more of Milly's spring collection.

11 Work Totes for the PR Girl on the Go

I thought I would give more suggestions for professional work totes. Why choose to carry something that will make you look unpolished. These can work for almost every budget.

Kate Spade 25th Street Stripe Griffen $225.00

Washed Canvas Tote

Canvas Shopper
Ann Taylor

Rafé New York
'Bedford Rosario Tall' Tote


Mobil Edge Select Lite Tote $59.00

English Leather Briefbag

Chinese Laundry Large Tote in black $42.00

Nylon Poplin LiteBrite Tote
Amercian Apparel

English Leather
Shopper's Tote Bag


Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn $365.00

Chinese Laundry North South Shoulder $99.00

A Revitalizing Treatment for Tired Eyes

Who says your eyes have to look as weary as you feel. Amore Pacific Beauty Gallery and Spa may have the cure for your tired eyes.

Contour Lift Eye Treatment 30 minutes for $65-$70

This is the spa's targeted version of their high-tech contour lifting facial. The eye lift treatment begins with lymphatic drainage to increase circulation, treat toxins and puffiness. Followed by a serum mask, then toning micro-currents are applied to stimulate and tighten the eye area. Last, a red ginsen cream is layered over a lifting complex. Please Note: May require more than one treatment.

114 Spring Street, (located in Soho)
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 966-0400

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Milly Spring 2007 Collection Pt. 2

Chris Webber's "Celebrating Heritage" Exhibit

"Celebrating Heritage" Exhibit, featuring Chris Webber's personal collection of artifacts and documents including the first-edition copy of Phillis Wheatley's "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral" that dates back to 1773. Wheatley was the first Black woman to publish a book.

Thursday, June 28th - Friday, September 28th

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
315 E. Warren Ave
Detroit, MI 48201
Tel: (313) 494-5800

Monday Closed
Tuesday - Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm

$8.00 for adults
$5.00 for Seniors (ages 62+)
$5.00 for children (ages 3-12)
Free for children under 3

This is not a showcase filled with NBA jerseys, autographs or video highlights. However, this collection will showcase signed letters and documents from Black leaders including Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington and many more.

Webber hopes that visitors will take from this exhibit a feeling that you can do anything. "It's about finding something that you love to do, cultivate it, work hard at it and make a life that's better for you."

Style and Focus News Bites: Seems Rosie Got the Last Laugh

According to the article, "Rosie O'Donnell Leaves, and So Do 'View'-ers", The View has lost over 400,000 viewers since Rosie left on May 25th according to figures obtained from Nielsen/Soundscan.

"The View" suffered a 13 percent decline in household ratings, and a 9 percent decline in overall ratings during the combined weeks of June 4 and 11 compared with Rosie's last two weeks.

In my opinion, it seems as though viewers are finding the new show a little boring without Rosie. Say what you will about Rosie she spoke her mind and put her passion into her interests, which made the show more interesting for viewers.

For me, I was never quite found "The View" to be entertaining except for when Lisa Ling came on the show because she reflected what 20-somethings were thinking and feeling. I never quite got that from her replacement Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she never discussed anything that 20-somethings were feeling or thinking.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Milly Spring 2007 Collection Part 1

I love the Milly Spring collection because it is so full of color and full of life.

(photo credit:

A New Social Networking Community for Small Businesses and Artists

Next week I'll give my review of For now, please read this release on this new on-line community., Are you on It?

Emerging Small Business Community and Shopping Marketplace Maintains Indie Credibility While Enjoying a Rise in Popularity.

With Ekaweeka you can:

· Create a profile that highlights your small business
· Share and sell your creations to the world through our shopping marketplace.
· Get noticed by the right people – thanks to Ekaweeka’s built-in SEO benefits.
· Discover original designers, artists, and services.
· Make friends, share stories, change the world.

LOS ANGELES - Remember when Craigslist was cool? When you didn’t have to worry about accidentally accepting a Myspace friend who only wanted to encourage you to get a $500 Macy’s Gift Card? So do Thomas Hillard and Ellery Long, both are founders of the small business, social networking start-up,

Ekaweeka (pronounced “EE-KAH-WEE-KAH”) is the first Small Business Community of its kind, combining social networking, an emerging marketplace, and highly customizable profiles that leverage built-in SEO. The Ekaweeka community is a place where under-the-radar businesses can easily network with like-minded folk, as wel as build a profile site and e-commerce store that will be seen by exactly the people they want to reach.

“Anyone can start a business, the challenge is developing and maintaining a successful online presence,” says Thomas Hillard, co-founder and CEO of

The site has grown significantly ever since, with membership doubling every other month, including more than 27,000 hits per day from visitors in 57 countries. Despite its growth, Ekaweeka continues to appeal to a niche audience of alternative entrepreneurs, cutting-edge artists, small business owners, fashion designers, photographers, and supporters of small, indie businesses. Myspace it is not, much to the relief and enthusiasm of its members.

Welcome to the future of the good old days of social networking.

For more information visit or contact:

Crosby Noricks
Clever Gretel PR

Women Safety Tips: Advice from a Police Officer pt.2

5. Trusting a clean cut, honest looking stranger. I see mug shots of every sex offender in the state of Florida. They do not look like monsters. They often look like they could be your friendly grocer. They are every age between 15 and 90, and probably beyond. Only a small minority actually look scary. I just read a case yesterday of a man with only one leg who beat up his victim with his crutch before he raped her. Who would have ever thought that a one legged man would be a rapist?

6. Trusting people to be alone with your children. This is a difficult one, because child molesters end up being the LAST person the parents would believe is the molester. Most of the child molesting cases I see involve the stepfather, the uncle, the sister's boyfriend, the mother's boyfriend, the grandfather, the baby-sitter, the neighbor, the family friend, the youth camp director, day care worker, etc. Although rare, even women can be molesters. In every case, the perpetrator is a nice guy, trusting, good with children, and the family is baffled or even in disbelief that the person could be abusing their child. When it comes to your children and grandchildren, be suspicious of everyone, no matter who they are. And pay attention to what your child says and how they react to the mention of different people in their lives.

7. When having your car serviced, give the attendant only the car keys, as they have key duplicators readily available, and they generally have your address, etc. on file.

This is not an exhaustive list of what not to do, but just some things that I have observed more than just a few times.

Birthday Party Drink: Strawberry Mojitos

I had a amazing birthday, I had dinner with my family and later in the evening my friends planned a fun little party. A drink that I had was Strawberry Mojitos (very Yummy).

I asked the bartender for the recipe and this is what she gave me:

Strawberry Mojitos

8 fresh strawberries (two strawberries diced)
10-12 mint leaves
1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 lime, wedges
2 oz of white rum
club soda


1. Place mint, sugar and lime in a tall glass. Then muddle ingredients.
2. Add 6 strawberries. Then muddle again.
3. Add rum and ice. Then top with club soda.
6. Add extra diced strawberries and mint to garnish.

Remember: Drink Responsibly and Don't Drink & Drive.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me

Since today is my Birthday, I would like to Thank my parents for being the most sweetest and kindest people I know. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Also, thank you for the wonderful birthday gifts. They are very special.

I don't want to forget to Thank my friends for sending and e-mailing me cards and gifts (we are all really busy now and don't always have time to even sit down and chat).

Women Safety Tips: Advice from a Police Officer pt.1

These tips are from a female police officer from the website of Dective Kevin Coffey.

Here are the most common mistakes women make that could result in them getting kidnapped, attacked, and/or raped:

1. Getting into the attacker's car when he pulls a gun and orders you to get into his vehicle. Most attackers don't want to shoot you ... they want you to get into the car so that they can drive you to a deserted place and torture you. Don't comply. Run screaming. It is MUCH more likely than not that he will just move on to an easier target.

2. Pulling over when a man drives alongside of you pointing at your car pretending something is wrong. If this happens, drive to the nearest well-lit and populated gas station and look the car over yourself (or ask an attendant). Never pull over. Believe it or not, many women have fallen for this for fear of their car spontaneously exploding in the middle of the road. Not likely.

3. Not locking your doors while driving or at home. I have read several cases where the attacker simply walks up to a woman's car while she's at a traffic light and jumps in with his gun or knife drawn. Another incident includes, opening your front door when you have not positively identified who is there. If you don't have a peep hole, get one. I've seen countless cases where the attacker gains access to his victims simply by knocking on their door. Don't let an attacker get into your home. He then has a private, relatively soundproof place to attack you.

4. Not being alert in parking lots. If you go to the grocery store at night, don't be shy about asking for an escort to your car. Too many women are abducted from parking lots or even raped in the parking lot. Look in your back seat before entering your car. Cars provide endless hiding places for attackers, both inside them and in between them. Be aware of your surroundings by looking to the left and right and behind you with your head up all the time. You may appear paranoid and look funny to others, but an attacker will think twice about approaching someone who appears so aware of what's going on.

One to Watch: Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne Palicki can currently be seen as Tyra Collette on NBC's Friday Night Lights. Tyra is a pretty and popular cheerleader who is also one of the bad girls on this grity football series. Palicki has a gained a large fan base for her character, Jessica on Supernatural despite her character dying in the pilot episode.

Other shows that Adrianne has been seen on are: Smallville starring as Kara "Supergirl" for the third season finale, Jennifer Lopez's South Beach as the bad girl Brianna, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and North Shore.

She has also acted in a few movies including her first role in the TV movie re-make of "Lost in Space", "Getting Rachel Back" starring as Rachel, a small role in "Rumor Has It" starring Jennifer Aniston, Shirley MacLaine, Kevin Costner and Mark Ruffalo and "Popstar" starring Aaron Carter.

Like so many in Hollywood, Adrianne moved to Los Angeles from Ohio to pursue an acting career. Adrianne is starting to get noticed, she has recently been included on various lists including Maxim magazines 2007 Hot 100 and TV Guides New TV Hunks & Babes. She seems to be on her way, I see her having a long and successful career.

Adrianne is currently being managed by Evolution Entertainment.

A great fan site to check out:

Adrianne Palicki FANS

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Cocktail Request: Lemon-Thyme Martini

As requested from a nice reader, here is the recipe for Lemon-Thyme Martinis. I found this recipe on the Fine Living Network's website. This is a really great drink worth making.

Lemon-Thyme Martini

2 cups water
2 cups granulated sugar
zest of 1 lemon
1 handful fresh thyme sprigs
1/2-cup lemon-flavored vodka, such as Citron
1/4-cup Lemoncello
candied lemon rind, for garnish (optional)

Directions for the herb-simple syrup for this drink (make ahead to save time):

1. Combine the water, sugar and lemon zest in a pot over medium heat.
2. Gently simmer for 3 minutes until the sugar is dissolved, swirling the pot over the heat now and then. Do not allow to boil or get dark.
3. Put the thyme in a mason jar or glass container and pour the sugar syrup on top; allow to steep while it cools for 1-2 hours to infuse the herb flavor into the syrup.
4. Strain to remove the solids.

Direction for the martini:

1. In a martini shaker filled with ice, combine the vodka, Lemoncello, and 4 tablespoons of the herb-syrup.
2. Shake well until frothy and strain into 4 chilled martini glasses. Float candied lemon rind in each glass for great presentation.

Recipe for Candied Lemon Rinds from

This recipe is very quick and easy. You will find yourself wanting to make more of these.

1 large lemon
1/4 cup sugar, divided
1 tablespoon water


1. Carefully remove rind from lemon using a vegetable peeler. Cut rind into 1/8-inch-thick strips; set aside.
2. Combine 2 tablespoons sugar and water in a 2-cup glass measure.
3. Microwave at High 1 minute; stir in rind strips.
4. Microwave at High 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds.
5. Add remaining 2 tablespoons sugar, and toss well.
6. Spread rind in a single layer on wax paper; let stand at room temperature until dry. Store in an airtight container.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Introducing a new clothing line, Toggery by Kate D'Arcy

Style House PR
announces representation of:

by Kate D’Arcy

“Sustainable Clothing for a Luxe Life…”

Toggery by Kate D’Arcy is a new organic clothing line that provides fashion for the environmentally conscious woman.

Toggery by Kate D’Arcy is Using all 100% organic cotton and bamboo fibers, the entire collection is produced by a certified socially responsible apparel manufacturer in the USA. Contemporary knit styles in the finest fabrics of nature include fashion and basic tees, dresses and leggings.

Retail prices range from $45 - $110.

Now scheduling market appointments at the:
On The Verge showroom at 231 W 39th St #204

For more information visit the Toggery by Kate D'Arcy or contact:
Janna Meyrowitz
Style House PR