Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Latest Obsession: Bucket Hats

There just something so retro and cool about the Bucket Hat. It's effortless elegance meets casual cool. From a day at the office to hanging out by the pool, the bucket hat give the impression of ladylike professionalism. Goes great with the classic trench and briefcase or a sexy bikini and sandals.

Hat shown:
Hat Attack "Hatat Canvas City Bucket with Leather Strap"

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Brighten Nail Imperfections with Barielle Nail Brightener

Now that fall and winter's passed, time to make way for the light and bright shades of spring and summer. But if your nails took a beating from the dark and bold shades of seasons gone by, and now left you with nails that are so dull, stained, or yellow that all you can think of is hiding them.

But, no need to go that extreme, an easy way to get your nails back to their natural color is to use a nail brightener and a great one to try is Barielle Nail Brightener ($16.00, An amazingly cool treatment with a light iridescent sheen. What's great about it?

1) it dries quickly and
2) has a unique anti-oxidizing properties that hydrate and brighten nails.

It can be applied alone for that no-fuss manicured look or under nail polish for color correcting protection. Bonus: you can also apply a coat on top of your favorite nail polish to give it a subtle pearly sheen.

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Everyday Luxuries: Soaps from Spa Stones

Fun, original and different. Three words that go with these Spa Stones Soap set ($42.00, I like them because they really look like actual rocks and they have a great scent, very light and not overly fragrant. They are infused with extracts of ginger, green tea and mint. The soaps were inspired by the hot stones used for spa treatments.

The set includes: 4 stone soaps, a rectangular porcelain dish and a sisal washcloth for exfoliation all in faux bois gift box.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Send All Press Inquiries to:

Please send all Inquires, Sample Sales and Trunk Shows, Press Kits, Media Alerts, News Releases, etc. to:

Areas of Concentration:

- Art

- Beauty & Fashion

- Books

- Parties & Events

- Food & Beverages

- Lifestyle Segments

My Life: Busy Morning

I can't believe how cold it is today. Looking out the window the sun is shining and it looks warm but it's not. Especially with May around the corner, it's hard to believe it was so nice and warm just the other day. I'm sitting here looking over a few beauty samples I got in the mail, which I can't wait to try while working on a short PSA, sorting through press releases, returning phone calls, etc. I also just got a text from a friend asking if I want to meet up with her and a couple of friends after work maybe for dinner. I think I will, seeing as the last time I think I met up with her we went for a little after work shopping at Sephora buying tons of beauty stuff (which we probably didn't need). But just browsing the aisles will pretty much brighten up just about any bad day.

Being so busy (particularly, with trying to start a freelance PR business), I'm having to figure out ways to squeeze in a little exercise. I like to try different types of exercises or it starts to get boring. I recently tried a combination of gymnastics + yoga for flexibility.

Before I get so busy with work I better pop off for lunch. Until tomorrow.

Style and Focus

Turn Shower into Deep-Cleansing Spa with Clean & Clear

Can't afford a trip to the spa? Then a fantastic new product to try is Clean & Clear Soft In-Shower Facial ($6.99, drugstores). This facial treatment can be used 1-3 times a week turning your shower into a spa (no appointment needed). It contains a blend of glycolic acid, clay and exfoliating beads designed to work in a minute for a deep cleansing, detoxify, smoother and more softer skin.

It works by first applying a generous amount to face like a facial mask. Let sit for a minute then massage skin to activate exfoliating beads and smooth away dead surface skin. Rinse, dry then follow with facial moisturizer.

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Fantasy meets Fashion at the Superheroes Gallery Exhibit at The Met

What: Special Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum featuring Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy

The ideal exhibit for the fan of Superheroes and sophisticated glamorous fashion. More than just for viewing, this exhibition will explore the symbolic and metaphorical associations between fashion and the superhero. On display, will be movie costumes, avant-garde haute couture, and high-performance sportswear. It will reveal how the superhero serves as the ultimate metaphor for fashion and its ability to empower and transform the human body. Objects will be organized thematically around particular superheroes, whose movie costumes and superpowers will be catalysts for the discussion of key concepts of superheroism and their expression in fashion.

The exhibition and its accompanying book are made possible by Giorgio Armani.

Additional support is provided by Condé Nast.

When: May 7, 2008 - September 1, 2008

1st floor of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
New York, New York 10028
Telephone: (212) 535-7710

Monday Closed
Tues., Wed. and Thurs.: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Fri. and Sat.: 9:30 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Adult $20
Senior (65 and older) $15
Student $10
Members Free
Children (under 12 with adult) Free

(Photo Credit:, and

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Back on Tuesday with fun new posts

I have recieved a few e-mails asking about no new posts this week, asking if I was on vacation or something. Not on vacation, but I have been working on a rather big project as well as working on starting a freelance marketing and pr business. I really would like to take a vacation one day.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be my in friend's wedding but tonight all the bridesmaid's are planning a the party for the bride. She didn't want to go out to the bars. She just wanted something a little low key so she will look relaxed for her wedding on Saturday.

I will be back to posting on Tuesday, there are some really fun fashion trends and styles, cute things for pets and fabulous beauty products.

For now Have a Fun Weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What to Watch This Weekend: Sci-Fi, Style and PBS

Doctor Who
Special 90min premiere SCI-FI Channel (Check local listings for time)
Regular time 9:00pm

(Photo Credit:

The 4th season of Doctor Who has the Doctor (David Tennant) traveling with Donna (Catherine Tate), the former angry bride-to-be from the 3rd season premiere. This season also has the Doctor meeting up again with former travel companions Dr. Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). However, the first episode finds the Doctor coming to the rescue of the crew from a spaceship that is based on the RMS Titanic. With special guest appearance by singer Kylie Minogue who plays Astrid a waitress on the ship.

Doctor Who 60min BBC America

Martha Jones attempts to save the Doctor and the world on the 3rd Season Finale.

Torchwood 60min BBC America

Captain John Hart (James Marsters, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Smallville) returns to exact his revenge on the Torchwood crew on the 2nd season Finale.

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane 30min Style Network

(Photo Credit:

The second season of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane deals with Kimora trying to balance her new responsibilities at Phat Farm along with planning a party for her daughter Ming's 8th birthday.

Masterpiece: My Boy Jack 120min PBS

(Photo Credit:

Author Rudyard Kipling (David Haig), his wife Carrie (Kim Cattrall) and daughter Elise (Carey Mulligan) search for 17-year-old John "Jack" Kipling (Daniel Radcliffe) after he goes missing during WWI. The family deals with the news while they desperately cling to the hope that he's still alive.

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New Book on Creating a Greener Home and Greener Baby

The newest green book of the moment is "Healthy Child, Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home" by Christopher Gavigan and Foreword by Meryl Streep (list price $25.95).

Leading medical experts and scientists team up with celebrity activists to help parents detoxify and green their households.

Nothing makes one more keenly aware of health risks lurking in the everyday world than becoming a parent. Most know the importance of using cabinet locks and child gates, but research is showing many more ways we need to be childproofing our homes. Tens of millions of American children now face chronic diseases and illnesses including cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, ADD/ADHD, allergies, learning and developmental disabilities, as well as a host of lesser but disruptive ailments. The number gets higher every year and more parents are asking why. A growing body of research points to unseen threats wrought by exposure to chemicals in everyday products like cleaning supplies, beauty care and cosmetics, home furnishings, plastics, some foods and toys as contributing to these ailments. With that in mind, the non-profit organization Healthy Child Healthy World offers parents a definitive guide to creating a healthy, nontoxic, and environmentally sound home.

Filled with easy steps and simple solutions to improve family living without wreaking havoc on schedules or budgets, this book includes inspiring ideas for safe, eco-friendly cleaning methods, choosing healthier food, pet and garden care, nursery and home building materials, plus extensive tips for energy saving and family fun. With contributions from environmental science and public-health experts such as Dr. Harvey Karp, as well as many celebrity supporters (including Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Holly Robinson Peete, Keri Russell, Sheryl Crow and Tom Hanks), Healthy Child Healthy World is the essential guidebook for parents and children's health advocates.

Christopher Gavigan is the CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, a national non-profit dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children and families through cleaner, greener, and safer lifestyle changes.

(Click for a larger view)

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Style and Focus News Bites

It's been a while since I've posted one of these. Will try to include more.

** Is Africa being colonized by China? A question that will be answered on BBC America's Newsnight program tonight at 10:00pm ET (Press Release).

** Weak Dollar Takes Toll on European Beauty Exports. European beauty manufacturers are feeling the effects from the worsening euro-dollar exchange rate, causing a squeezing effect on exports. “The dollar is killing us,” said Eric Henry, chief operating officer of Beauté Prestige International, the French subsidiary of Tokyo-based Shiseido. He noted that the problem not only affects the U.S., but in other markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, whose economies are linked to the dollar.

Henry emphasized that European producers are running out of elasticity in terms of raising prices in the U.S. to offset the exchange in balance. “If we go above the limit, we lose volume,” he said, referring to his prices compared with American manufacturers. “But we have to protect margin" (WWD).

** Vanessa and Angela Simmons, creators of Pastry footwear are planning to introduce their new apparel and handbag collections which are set for release this Spring (Press Release).

** Sports Stars Accuse Investment Advisor of Gouging Them. NBA legend Jerry West, Dodgers third-baseman Nomar Garciaparra and a bevy of other major sports figures have accused their prominent Los Angeles investment advisor of gouging them out of more than $3 million in excessive commissions on bond trades.

Gary R. Fournier, who has handled investments for scores of sports stars and celebrities, allegedly misrepresented his commissions and "churned" accounts to generate unnecessary trades and exorbitant fees, according to a claim filed with securities regulators (Los Angeles Times).

** Singer Son Ho-young was invited for an official visit to Hiroshima, Thursday April 17th. Recently, in an effort to rediscover Hiroshima and make the charms of the Japanese city widely known both in Japan and overseas, “The Welcome to Hiroshima Project” was launched. Son was invited for the first event of the project where he visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum as well as attended a Welcome Party (KBS GLOBAL).

** Six-time Grand Slam champion, Venus Williams is planning on taking a little time off between tournaments to gear up for the French Open beginning in late May. This led to incorrect reports and rumors that Venus was taking an indefinite hiatus possibly from an injury.

From her personal blog, Williams states that she is not suffering from any injuries or health problems. The incorrect report comes a writer translating her statement that she intends to return to competitive play next month (May) for the French Open as an “indefinite leave of absence”, which is not true. Williams has more than just success on the court, she also has a successful sporty lifestyle clothing line, Eleven by Venus Williams at Steve & Barry stores (The Associated Press).

** According to Fashion Week Daily, fashion designer John Galliano will be awarded the André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The event will take place May 17th at SCAD's annual fashion award. Talley and SCAD president Paula S. Wallace will present Galliano with his honor at the evening affair honoring his talent, vision, and creativity. In addition, the show will be televised live via SCAD's Web site.

** Crayola Renames Colors, Creating Eight New Emotionally Inspired Hues. The eight new emotionally colored hues have been added to Crayola's flagship, the box of 64 (with Built-in Sharpener!), to celebrate the box's 50th anniversary. To test whether Crayola's new strategy was really in sync with its target audience, the journalism team took several 64-count boxes with the new colors to Leslie Villers' third-grade class at Fernbank Elementary School in DeKalb County. The resulting chaos yielded many keen insights into the wisdom, or risk, of this level of spectrum spoiling. Some of the children liked the new names while others thought the change was not needed.

Why the color change? Over the years the names have become stall and thus go into retirement. To come with the new names, Crayola polled 20,000 kids online, said company spokeswoman Stacy Gabrielle, asking them what they value and what makes them happy, then having them associate those feelings with colors (Montery Herald).

** Martha Stewart dealing with lose of her beloved dog Paw Paw. On her personal blog, Martha writes that Paw Paw died of renal failure last Saturday just before his 13th birthday.

** Ludacris Teams With Ciara to Raise Money for AIDS Research. According to Us magazine, April 24, Ludacris will host a $100-a-plate benefit at his new restaurant, Straits, in Atlanta. Afterwards, he and Ciara will visit the Ralph Lauren store for an exclusive shopping event at Atltana’s Lenox Square Mall. Last year, his fundraiser raised more than $200,000 for the Ludacris Foundation.

** Pamela Anderson is set to star in her own reality TV series tentatively titled "Pamela" on E! this summer. E! Executive Vice President Lisa Berger says, "the cameras will capture Pam's fabulous adventures, emotional journey and all the surprises that come along the way. It's going to be a wild ride" (World Entertainment News).

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Latest Obsessions: April

Here is list of some of my latest obsessions for April:

Splurge: A wedding gift for a friend and trench coat for myself.

Save: Lacquered bookends I bought for $10 at an estate sale.

Food Craving: Grilled chicken and avocado sandwich with spicy french fries.

Book: "Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", I saw the movie and wanted to read the book.

Music: What I'm listening too right now is "Love in this Club" by Usher, "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey, "American Boy" by Estelle, "The Way That I Love You" by Ashanti, and "Apologize" by OneRepublic.

TV Shows: I'm looking forward to some of favorite shows returning but a few of shows that I have been watching are: Sarah Jane Adventures, Greek, Everybody Hates Chris, all three CSI's, and a few more.

Movie: I want to see "The Forbidden Kingdom" with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The trailer looks pretty cool.

Beauty: mark. pure lip stripes lip gloss in pure pinks or pure nudes ($6.00 each). I bought one of each because you get five shades per case, Essie nail polish in No Pre-Nup and Tie The Knot, and Hot oil treatments for undoing winter damage.

Fashion: stylish hoodies, wide leg jeans, soft long sleeve tops, d'Orsay pumps, ballet flats and striped oxford shirts.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Style and Focus Weekend: Baseball Weekend

"Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack, I don't care if I never get back, Let me root, root, for the home team, If they don't win it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, At the old ball game."

Going Out:

With the weather warming up this is a great time to experience the great outdoors with a baseball game. Go with family or friends to relax and have a great time cheering on your favorite team or just to look at the hot guys. With the food, fun and of course the field what more do you need.

Staying In:

Can't get tickets or your teams out of town. Then hit the sports bar. You can enjoy the game while sitting in a bar plus good food and maybe meet some new people. Who knows.

I am a baseball fan and I will be at the game this weekend. Enjoy your Weekend!

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What to Watch Tonight: Sarah Jane Adventures

Sarah Jane Adventures
Special Premiere 90min SCI-FI Channel
(check local listing for time)
Regular 30min episodes every Friday at 8:00pm

(Photo Credit:

If you're a fan of Doctor Who (which I am) then you will not want to miss the new show Sarah Jane Adventures. It's another spin-off from the hugely successful Doctor Who series, and the show follows the adventures of journalist and former Doctor Who travel companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) who investigates strange and unique events back on earth and accompanied with her trusty robot dog K-9.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cynthia Vincent Thursday Luxury Sale by Gilt Group Starting at Noon

The Gilt Group is inviting you to a Thursday sale Starting at Noon (12pm) for Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent luxury designs.

Gilt Groupe is a private online community, which is dedicated to providing its members with access to coveted fashion and luxury lifestyle brands at sample sale prices. For the special VIP link to register and to start shopping click here:

Cynthia Vincent’s eclectic style, coupled with her modern translation of vintage fashion made Twelfth Street an obvious choice for fashion editors as well as the entertainment industry. Some of the celebrity clients wearing Twelfth Street are Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, and Rachel Bilson just to name a few. Gilt Groupe is excited to feature Cynthia Vincent whose collections are, “at once feminine, stylish, comfortable and most of all, original.”

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Work Chic: Spring Shoes

When it comes to work shoes comfort is key because you're going to be wearing them almost all day especially if your moving at a frantic pace rushing to various meetings. Then comes style with the latest in stacked heels, bright colors, patent leather, vintage inspired, Mary Jane's, ballet flats and more.

The best part is even if you have wear super conservative clothes you can still add a cute shoe and express your personality to play up tailored pieces or mix and match for a more casual Friday vibe while still looking professional.

Premium Sling Back
£75.00 (around $148.00)

Truflex Zolis Faux-Patent Leather Comfort Wedge
$29.97 sale ($59.99 regular)

Circle Cutout Flats


Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Amaya'

Liz & Co. 'Loma'
$39.99 sale ($60.00 regular)

Lumiani Bianca

Aileen Peep Toe Flats

Worthington 'Carrie' Sandal
$34.99 sale ($60.00 regular)

Stuart Weitzman 'Loopy'

Giuseppe Zanotti Open-Toe Heel with Ankle Strap

Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Nadine'

Women's Patent Wedge
Old Navy

Women's Mossimo Deann Ombre Patent Flat

Chinese Laundry 'Danger'
$49.99 sale ($69.00 regular)

Söfft 'Verrin' Sandal

AK Anne Klein 'Newlan'

Diane von Furstenberg 'CEO' Plateform

apt. 9 Zap Cork Wedge Sandal
$24.99 sale ($49.99 regular)

Bettye Muller 'Byblose'

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