Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Gift Suggestions

Easter has always been one of the sweetest holidays and signaled the beginning of spring to most (even though winter is still holding on with the lovely over night snow storm).

Easter is a great way to surprise someone (be it your favorite niece, grandfather or your family pet) with a sweet treat. No need to go over budget their are ready made baskets from every price range found at almost every retailer including Target, Toys R Us, Meijer or if you're the creative type you can put together you're own baskets (more ideas in a later posts).

Easter Deluxe Basket
$100 Dylan's Candy Bar (

Contains: Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Bar 3-pack, Dylan's Candy Bar signature Kettle Corn, solid milk chocolate bunnies, Dylan's Candy Bar Whirly pops, both a small plush "Chocolate the Bunny" and "Vanilla the Bunny" stuffed animal, a paint can of Easter-themed bulk hard candy, gummy bunnies, and a Dylan's Candy Bar Traditions box.

Peter's Easter Surprise
$70 Fortnum & Mason USA (

Contains: a Peter Rabbit Stuffed Toy, No. 5 Milk Chocolate Bar, and Milk & White Chocolate Animal Shapes all in a Green Velveteen Basket.

Bunny Basket
$55.00 Dean & DeLuca (

Contains: a Chocolate Racing Rabbit, a Foil Chick, Hammond's Twist Lollipop, Dean & DeLuca's Sour Chicks and Bunnies, Easter Jelly Beans, Foil-Wrapped Milk Chocolate Eggs all in a classic white wicker basket.

Charbonnel ET Walker Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
$50.00 Neiman Marcus

One pound Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Egg filled with signature English chocolates.

Busy Bunny Basket
$30.00 Dylan's Candy Bar

Contains: a Small Plush "Chocolate the Bunny" stuffed animal, speckled "Easter egg" jelly beans, Easter-themed hard candies, pastel-colored candy corn, and a golden egg.

The Children's Easter Tea Basket
$100 Fortnum & Mason USA

The wicker basket contains: a China Teapot and two China Teacups, Luscombe Strawberry Lemonade, Splendid Sweets Magic Beans 6.7oz, Splendid Sweets Rainbow Drops 6.5oz, Organic Toffee Biscuits 3.5oz box, Milk & White Chocolate Shapes 4.2 oz.

Easter Take Out
$14.00 Dylan's Candy Bar

A Take Out Container filled with White and Milk Chocolate Covered Egg-shaped Sugar Cookies. Kosher Certified.

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