Thursday, April 15, 2010

Anyone Watching These TV Shows?

Did anyone watch the finale episode of Ugly Betty last night? I wasn't able to catch it last night, but I did tape it. I'll try to watch it this weekend. Most of the shows are nearing the end of the season.

Anyone else enjoying the nerds on The Big Bang Theory? They are just so nerdy and it's so funny to watch. Who watches Jessica Simpson's reality show? I tried to watch it, but I found it a little bit boring. Most of the things she's showing I've seen on other shows or have read about.

Has anyone been watching Fringe? It's one of my favorite shows, it's very good. I can only image what the season finale will be like? Is there anyone that still watch Supernatural or Smallville? I still like watching both but I feel like it's about time for these shows to come to an end (despite both shows being picked up for another season).

Anyone plan on watching the new season of Doctor Who (airing this Saturday on BBC) with the new doctor? I'll give it a try and see if the new actor is any good. I have to get used to watching a new doctor. David Tennant did a very good job playing Doctor Who.

Anyone watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon series? They are getting to the last few episodes of the season. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan you might like this cartoon series. It's action packed and fun to watch. Plus, you are never too old to watch cartoons.

Even though I'm not a reality show person I have been watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane since the first season. It's really fun and interesting to watch because she's original and not another wanna be. I also caught the premiere of Brandy & Ray J's reality show. It seems like it will be interesting I might watch another episode.

I forgot to ask if anyone is watching: CSI: NY or NCIS: Los Angeles? I love watching these two shows. I think they are the best out both series.

What shows are you watching?

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