Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shop It To = Fashion, Convenience and lots of Sales

Written by Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

When you think of a personal shopper what comes to mind? A luxury service used by celebrities and wealthy Jet Set. Well, no need to feel left out now you can have the service of a personal shopper all in a little e-mail thanks to Shop It To Me (

Shop It To Me is a free online personal shopper where you can select from over 500 of your favorite clothing brands and retailers such as Juicy Couture, BCBG, Banana Republic, Prada, Bluefly and many more. All you have to do is sign up, select your favorite apparel and include your size and then you will receive personalized e-mails (sample e-mail below) either daily, weekly or semi-weekly on the hottest deals on your favorite items in you size. This is one of those things you wonder "why didn't I think of that?"

What more can you ask for? With more people logging in more hours at work the last thing they want to do is spend all their free time searching for deals for their favorite fashion items either on-line or in stores. They want to enjoy the free time they have and Shop It To Me give you that extra dose of shopping freedom. Plus, on each e-mail there is a fun interactive feature call 'ask a friend', it lets those who love to get their friend's opinions while shopping a way to approve or not their selections.

This fantastic site was created by Charlie Graham, who got tired of drudging through the internet searching for sales and either finding them too late or nothing in his size available. This innovative site will give consumers a new way to shop.

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