Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is Creativity the Way to Boost Sales during Recession?

by A. Brooks
Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

During hard times companies are looking towards their marketing, PR and advertising - in-house or outside agency - to provide creative ways to make an impact and attract sales more often than not with a minimized budget. Creativity will be key because it will set a business apart from all it's competitors.

This is when marketers, advertisers and publicist really start earning their paychecks and surprisingly are given more free range to be more creative and use their imaginations to promote the products, services, the company's image, etc. However, there is no magical formula but it will take creative energy, innovative ideas and follow through to implement the new marketing plan. Publicist will continue to work the "free press" to get their clients name out there including continued contact with bloggers and social networks sites. They are also sending out more human interest pieces to show that the company cares as well as the traditional news releases and media alerts. It's a great cost effective way to reach the target market.

No doubt you have probably noticed the free gas cards being offered at certain businesses, new packaging, company logo's being updated, promotional tie-ends and free GWP (gift with purchase), magazines offering low priced subscriptions, etc. all to encourage current and potential new customers to try their products or services. The goal is to stay visible to their customers.

Visibility is important to fashion boutiques, because several popular ones continue to set up celebrities in-store promotions to promote the celebrity's clothing line which would result in additional sales and "free press" with perhaps the daily newspapers, entertainment TV shows and blogs. However, visibility can work in reverse with many boutiques dropping some celebrity lines if they can not get the celebrities for an in-store promotion, case in point, with the recent removal of Lauren Conrad's line from Kitson and Victoria Beckham's clothing also from Kitson back in April.

Will injecting more creativity boost sales during recession?

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