Monday, July 26, 2010

Trend: 20-Somethings Hiring Home Cleaning Services

A way that some 20-something roommates are avoiding arguing over chores is by hiring someone to come in and clean.

This method may avoid some stress for you and your roommate(s) because if you're all too busy to clean, and it's leading to continuous arguments over the forgotten chores. Then this just might work for you.

Before hiring anyone you should know how much they charge, whether they are reliable or not (don't forget to ask for references), you should also know they're cleaning style (do they prefer if your apartment/house is just slightly everyday dirty or a scene from Clean House with stuff everywhere), etc.

Can't afford a cleaning service, just create a chore chart which will keep everyone accountable to their specified chore. Just make sure to change the chart weekly so no one is stuck with all the unfavorable chores.

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