Friday, July 30, 2010

E-Mail Question: About Summer TV

I received this E-mail asking me: What're you watching this summer? You have to be watching Jersey Shore? It's like the best ever.

My Answer:

Well, lets see for the summer I've been watching a few new shows: Rizzoli & Isles (I really like this show, yeah it's another cop show but it's really good), Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc. (You're never too old for Scooby Doo and the new series is actually pretty cool), and Unnatual History (it's a smart teen adventure show filled with lots of history). Some of my other summer shows are: Aaron Stone (video gamer fighting international crime), Degrassi (The Boiling Point), Psych (what's not to love about fake psychics trying to solve crimes), Burn Notice, Eureka, and White Collar.

Sorry to say I haven't seen one episode of Jersey Shore. I'm not really into reality show but my cousin is total fan of series. She keeps trying to get me to watch it.

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