Monday, March 1, 2010

My Life: Sunny Morning, TV and a little Shopping

Happy March 1st, it's a beautiful sunny day (I guess depending on where you live) and it makes me excited for spring to get here. Seeing as though it's still snow outside (albeit, melting snow) it's not quite spring yet.

Is anyone watching the PR reality shows: Kell on Earth (Bravo) or The SPINdustry (E!)? I tried to watch them but I just can't seem to get into them. I guess I'm not a reality show person. The fashion PR industry really isn't doing that great and maybe these two shows will put a little spark back into it. I have a friend who worked for a Fashion PR company lose her job once the company had to down size.

What I have been watching lately is: Psych, Burn Notice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network) and Smallville. Some of my friends have been trying to get me to watch Chuck, who knows I might check it out.

Over the weekend, I went shopping and stopped by JCPenney (which had a great sale) and bought this really cute Charlotte Ronson 'I Heart Ronson' Trench Coat (see pictures below). I love it because you can also take the sleeves off for a totally different look. I also saw a pair of really cute d'Orsay open-toe pumps which I just might go back and get. I also stopped by the bookstore and bought a few books.

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