Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Party Food: Mini Pies and Fall Leaf Cake

I absolutely love the fall season because of all the delectable desserts and savory comfort food. This is also the time of year when we're either invited to parties or hosting our own. For those who don't have time or dread entering the kitchen there are amazing treats on the web. As well as, delicious treats at your local supermarket or pastry shop.

Pumpkin and Apple Mini Pies $46.00 Williams-Sonoma Exclusive (
includes 12 pies (6 of each flavor)

Fall Leaf Pumpkin Cake $140.00 Dean & Deluca (

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Anonymous said...

That cake looks amazing but the price is not. Maybe if a few family members or friends chip in to get it.

Anonymous said...

has anyone had the pumpkin spiced lattee at dunkin donuts

It tastes better than i thought it would

Acai said...

The cakes looks yummy!

Lifestyle Guru said...

I have tried the lattee from Dunkin Donuts. I agree it's taste really good.

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