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What's New in the Pet Aisle for 2010

An insider's sneak peek of what items are the cat's meow

CHICAGO, Sept. 14 -- Thousands of pet industry insiders are gathering this week at the SuperZoo Pet Expo in Las Vegas, one of the largest trade shows in the industry. It's where the fur flies to see what innovative new products from around the world will be sold at your favorite pet boutique or national retailer.

"The pet industry continues to thrive," said Don Tomala, managing partner of Matrix Partners. "Despite a troubled economy, the pet industry still continues to invest in research and innovation to bring the very best to our pet store shelves." Tomala has spent a significant portion of his marketing career in the pet industry, an area where he has gained considerable expertise in the practice of package design, brand identity and sales distribution.

Matrix Partners recommends the following "Must-See" products for retailers attending SuperZoo Pet Expo 2010.

Antlers as Chew Toys!

Every little buckaroo is sure to fall for Buckarooz!(TM) These long-lasting deer antler chews from Free Range Dog Chews Inc. are as natural as natural can get. Buckarooz deer antlers are naturally shed by U.S. free-range wild (not farm raised) white tail deer, mule deer and elk. No deer were harmed in any way to obtain these treats. Once the antlers fulfill their purpose for the animal, they fall off naturally. Then new antlers grow in their place. Deer antlers have a velvety covering rich in oxygen and calcium the deer have stored in their bones throughout the year. These marrow-filled antlers are also high in calcium and phosphorous and have smaller amounts of other natural minerals. Website:

A Solution for Canine Hissy Fits

The Company of Animals, founded by internationally acclaimed animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford, introduces The Pet Corrector. The product emits a loud hiss -- a blast of compressed air -- to safely and humanely interrupt undesirable behaviors. In the wild, snakes, insects and geese use a hiss sound to drive off predators, and pets have an instinctive sensitivity to the sound.

The Pet Corrector, which comes in a 50ml can, effectively corrects unwanted behaviors, such as barking, chasing, jumping up, stealing food, and aggression. A detailed training guide with helpful training tips accompanies the product. A Pet Corrector Holster, which clips to a belt, is also available to keep The Pet Corrector within easy reach. Dr. Mugford, who established the Animal Behaviour Centre in 1979, has devised a number of innovative products for the treatment of difficult behavioral problems in pets. Website:

Pet Fashion Meets Safety

A 24/7 pet recovery service, is the fastest, easiest way to reunite anxious owners with lost pets. If that precious pet ever goes missing, the owner simply calls the IDTAG hot line or logs onto Within seconds, an instant alert will be automatically broadcast to local shelters and vet clinics within 50 miles of the pet's last known location. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles, this state-of-the-art tag makes quite a fashion statement, too. Website:

Natural Pet Bandages - Anti-Lick Strip Prevent(TM)

Say goodbye to excessive licking! Introducing Anti-Lick Strip Prevent from Nurtured Pets. These unique bandages deter pets from engaging in obsessive licking, biting and chewing and are constructed with all-natural, active outfacing ingredients -- including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano. Deterring unwanted behavior can help promote the healing process, or if applied at the first sign of irritation, can stop the problem before it starts. A peel-and-stick, medical-grade adhesive backing allows for easy application. The Anti-Lick Strip Prevent provides a safe and comfortable alternative to the E Collar. Available in S, M and L.

GoodBye Odor for Cats((R))

Marshall introduces an innovative new product for cats that virtually eliminates pet odor -- GoodBye Odor for Cats. GoodBye Odor is completely different than other odor removers. Instead of masking existing odors, GoodBye Odor gets at the root of the cause, neutralizing odors from the inside out so smells stop before they even occur. This means litterpan waste, urine and other offensive body odors are a thing of the past! The patented formula is made with safe, natural amino acids that attack odor-causing urea. It's completely safe and easy to use. Just 3 pumps a day in your cat's food or water and you can say "Good Bye to Odor!" Cat owners have noticed a positive change in as little as three days of continuous use. Website:

Healthy, Natural Dog Dinners and Treats

Stella & Chewy's Dinners and Treats start with only wholesome ingredients like raw, USDA-inspected meat, raised naturally with no added hormones or antibiotics. And just like all Stella & Chewy's products, they're made without grain, fillers, artificial preservatives or colorings--they don't even add sugar or salt. Plus, every ingredient is sourced from reputable U.S. suppliers.

Stella & Chewy's is the first line of raw food and treats that's Certified Pathogen Safe. The company employs an exclusive process that safely eliminates the threat of harmful bacteria without sacrificing nutrition or taste. Plus, every batch they make is tested by an independent laboratory before packaging. Stella & Chewy's is so confident in the quality and safety of their products, the test results are posted on their website. Dinners, including Chewy's Chicken and Duck Duck Goose Dinner, are available both frozen and freeze-dried along with Carnivore Kisses and Carnivore Crunch Treats. Website:

Cat Litter from Soybeans?

It isn't a dream, but a uniquely effective product from The Organic Farm Store. Close to Naturenow is an innovative clumping litter that's produced from consumer-grade soybeans from U.S. soybean-processing facilities. The soybean meal is carefully sorted and screened to achieve a consistent, cat-pleasing texture. The meal is then mixed with naturally granulated potato starch to enhance clumping. Close to Naturenow Cat Litter is produced with no added chemicals, making it biodegradable and completely flushable. In fact, the used litter after it's sifted can be used as compost in ornamental flower gardens. It is safe for both cats and kittens, and extraordinarily effective for owners of multiple cats. Website:

Don't Let Winter Weather Ruin Outdoor Playtime

EzyDog, the company that combines safety, comfort, and durability for dogs that love to play hard and worship the outdoors, has launched the EzyDog Element Coat. The coat provides a barrier between the weather and your dog. This windproof, waterproof and fleece lined coat creates an experience of warmth and comfort. The neck area of the coat contains Neoprene stretch panels that produce a secure and custom fit. The two quick release side buckles with cam-locks makes fitting this coat a cinch while reflective properties allow night time visibility. There are even two top zippered pouches for all travel essentials. The EzyDog Element Coat is available in six eye-catching designs and seven sizes for the perfect fit. The company also makes leashes, collars and backpacks for dogs that love adventure! Website:

Wild Alaska Salmon Dog Treats

Yummy Chummies are a naturally nutritious, delicious line of Wild Alaska Salmon dog treats. These incredibly tasty treats are rich in Omega-3s and 6s, the same essential fatty acids that humans are adding to their own diets to boost heart health. In addition to supporting a remarkably shiny coat, these nutrients also help boost immunity, mobility, joint and skin health, Website:

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