Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Handbago Launches New Website for Handbag Enthusiasts

Catering to the handbag enthusiast, launches a new website focused on "All Things Handbags".

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 4 -- Developed with the handbag enthusiast in mind, launches an online community and catalog website that caters to handbag lovers everywhere. The site features an extensive catalog of current, past and upcoming collections from world-renowned handbag designers as well as up-and-coming designers. Members can search handbags by type, color, price range, celebrity and designer. Handbago also provides users a wide range of content including designer handbags, handbag blog, celebrity handbags, handbag trends, fashion, events, sales and exclusive interviews.

"Our vision was to create a user friendly resource and online community focused specifically on handbags," says President, Kristina Moreno. "Handbago showcases designer handbags, the people who make them, the stores who sell them and the celebs who wear them. There are a good number of blogs and shopping sites dedicated to handbags, but none of them combine the power of an online handbag catalog with an active community that allows members to rate designer handbags, create reviews and comment on editorial. Handbago provides the ultimate online handbag experience, not only for Fashionistas but for everyone who carries a bag."

The site launches this month at and is open to all users. Membership is free and those who join will have extended community privileges including rating handbags, reviewing handbags and commenting on editorial.

About Handbago:

Handbago is an online community and catalog for the handbag enthusiast. Focused on "All Things Handbags", Handbago provides exclusive information about handbags, designers, online retail stores and celebrity style. The site allows handbag members, known as "Bagistas", to post their own handbag reviews, search through thousands of handbags (in current and past seasons), and interact in an online community solely focused on designer handbags. Additionally, the Handbago blog provides full coverage on the latest handbag news, fashion, trends, events and celebrity style.


Anonymous said...

I love! I get lost on that site looking through all the great bags :)

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Grace tee said...

I love using any kind of designer handbags. I like this.. More power to your site.