Monday, December 22, 2008

More Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Don't feel sad or guilty if you can not afford to buy big ticket items or a lot of gifts for family and friends. That's not the point of the holiday anyway. Since I'm big on personalizing gifts, I have included a few suggestions for the DIYer. Feel free to check out last years post for more suggestions.

* Known For Your Cooking: Bake delicious cookies, brownies, cakes or pies and give out as gifts. To make them really special place your homemade treats in decorative boxes or containers. If the recipe isn't a family secret, you could include it as well.

* For the Sentimental Type: Frame pictures or start a scrapbook and if possible include mementos of the person.

* Known For Being Fashionable: Volunteer your skills to a good friend or your sister that always gives you compliments. Attach a coupon to an accessory (one that is her style) and place in a small gift bag. On the coupon offer them one or more hours of your stylish shopping assistance helping them find clothes and accessories that fit their style, personality and lifestyle.

* For your Movie Loving Boyfriend: In a striped popcorn bowl (can be found at any K-mart, Target, dollar store, etc.), include a movie gift certificate to your local movie theatre, one or two DVDs of movies he's been meaning to watch, movie theatre size box of candy, and a few bags of microwave popcorn.

* For the Book Lover: a bookstore gift certificate/card, a flannel or fleece blanket and a box of dark hot chocolate.

* For the Friend who's Always Swiping your Fashion Magazine: A subscription to the magazine. To let her know buy a copy of the current issue of the magazine and place it in a cute tote bag.

* For the Tea or Coffee Lover: In a mug include either a small bag of gourmet coffee or an assortment of teas. You could also include assorted cookies or chocolates to add to the gift.

* Known For Your Yoga Skills: Create a coupon offering a beginner one to three 30 minute sessions. Attach the coupon to a colorful yoga mat.

* For the Homebody or Nester: Tie a big satin ribbon around a soft throw, one or two accent pillows (affordable options from Ikea, JCPenney, K-mart and more) and a board game. You could also include a scented candle if you like.

* For the Kitchen Queen: a beautiful set of mixing bowls with a cookbook.

* For a Little Boy or Girl: Pajamas of their favorite character. For the boy: include either a comic book if it a comic character or a children's book or a DVD of the cartoon if it's a TV character. For the little girl: if it's a Disney character maybe include a DVD or a children's book of the character.

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