Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Footwear that Adds a Little Character to Gift Giving

As you begin your holiday shopping excursions, don’t be surprised to run into some of your friends of old — and I don’t mean your high school friends or your aerobics instructor — think more, Saturday morning cartoons — Sesame Street, Looney Toons and the like. These iconic characters which have somehow crept across tee shirts, jeans, cell phone accessories, and hats are now making quite a splash in children’s footwear! This holiday season Kids Foot Locker and Footaction stores will offer unique shoes just for children that feature some of their favorite icons and cartoon celebrities.

If you’re wondering where to find this new trend, a large specialty store, like Kids Foot Locker, is a great place to start your holiday shopping for character-inspired sneakers. The store is chock-full of the latest styles and most popular brands in children’s footwear…it is also the only footwear store that is designed specifically for kids.

New Balance is at the top of every kids’ list with a playful twist on the classic 574. By enlisting a children’s favorite, the cast of characters from Sesame Street, New Balance has created a unique gift that is fun and functional for kids of all ages. This winter, don’t be surprised to see your little monster stomping around in Cookie Monster, Grover, or Elmo-clad footwear.

Adidas cleverly called upon Mom and Dad’s nostalgic affinity for Warner Bros. Looney Toons with their line of Bokajune sneakers. Buggs, Daffy, Porky Pig and Sylvester jump and play across these little cruisers, which are available in four different styles and can be found at both Kids Foot Locker and Footaction stores nationwide.

Footaction brings another timeless icon to the assortment of character inspired shoes with an exclusive selection of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Reebok Freestyle and Reverse Jam sneakers for boys and girls. Each shoe is a tribute to this enduring childhood toy with the attachable parts of each character depicted on each shoe.

Sneakers are not only fashionable, but comfortable, versatile and a very creative gift. Especially for young children, sneakers offer additional support and stability that other shoes may not, which means that your stylish kid also will be well-protected.


Melissa Pardo
Public Relations Manager
Foot Locker

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