Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7 Date Ideas for a Recession Budget

By Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

Don't let the sagging economy ruin your romance. Here are a few low dough ways to enjoy your Date Nights:

* Plan a Date Night at Home. Prepare an easy yet delectable meal (check the web for recipes - from Italian - French) and don't forget the dessert. Set the mood by keeping the lighting low. Light a few candles but if you're the forgetful type you may want to opt for flameless candles instead. Perfume the room with a light fragrance by using scented candles to invoke a relaxing and sensuous experience. Remember it's a romantic evening, get rid of the clutter. You don't want stacks of paper and piles of clothes to ruin the moment.

* Daytime Dates Can Be Just as Fun. Meet up for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch and you can find great food at great prices. Also, some restaurants may even offer a special theatre dinner menu and prices be sure to ask.

* Meet at a little cafe for coffee and dessert. The surprising thing is you'll feel like your the only two people in the room.

* Make a date to go Star Gazing. Whether it's the backyard, balcony or the park a night of star gazing can be romantic. Pack a couple of blankets, a Thermos of coffee (tea, hot chocolate) or a bottle of wine.

* Game on. Can't afford Pro Ball tickets? There's always high school or college games tickets available. With the money saved you can continue the energy at a sports bar.

* Feel Like a VIP. Get Dressed up and go out for drinks at a upscale hotel. You will feel like a million bucks.

* Hit up the arcade. Feel like a teenager again and play some of the classic games. For fun, challenge each other for the highest score. Loser buys drinks.

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