Friday, October 3, 2008

Style and Focus Weekend: The Sports Date

Show your competitive spirit by planning a sports date. Even if you're not naturally athletic, you will have a great time. Especially, if you make a real sport out of it by creating a challenge or two with a bet. The best out of 2, 4 or however many challenges you set and winner buys dinner (don't forget to make the reservations). Don't take it too seriously the point is the have fun.

Pick a few sports for the challenge, such as: tennis, running, biking, racket ball, golf, hiking, basketball, horseback riding, pool, indoor wall climbing, kite flying, chess or checker, etc. You could also hit up the arcade and see who can be the best at a few games. Start the date early in afternoon to fit in all your challenges and it'll leave you enough time to get properly cleaned before heading out to dinner.

However, if you're too tired to make it out for dinner simply just order take-out and make it a romantic evening with candles, flowers, wine, champagne, dessert and your take-out (served on real dinnerware).

No matter who won you will both feel like winners.

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