Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fashion Pick: Baseball Game Date

It's inevitable you're going to get invited on a date to a baseball game (whether you're a fan or not). But the question that will probably come to mind next is "What am I going to wear?" That all depends on whether it's a day or evening game.

Day Game

For day you want to go casual but still showcase your style because you're on a date right. Keep it simple but not dull by pairing a day dress with a team hoody and flip-flops or cute flats. It's part boho and part sporty giving you that "I'm a low maintence kind of girl" (even if you're not) look. Just remember to keep the accessories to a minimal and carry a sleek black handbag or tote.

San Francisco Giants Women's Rib Full Zip Hoody by "Touch" by Alyssa Milano
$32.97 (sale)

Tie Dye Flare Tank Dress $98.00 bebe

Classic Flip-Flops $14.50 J.Crew

Night Game

The evening gives you a chance to add a little more sex appeal but don't over do it. You want to wear an outfit that will feel comfortable during the game or after (you never know you may end up going out for dinner and drinks later on).

You want to look glamorous without it looking like you spent hours getting ready or that you are too high maintence to enjoy the game. To look sexy casual wear a sexy top and jean with comfortable heels and carry a clutch. Don't forget to take a jacket, the evenings are starting to get chilly.

Katharina Trench Jacket $32.80 Forever21

Free People Olive Jersey Knit 'Mayan' V-neck Tank $53.00

Essential Jeans $52.00 (sale) Gap

Stuart Weitzman 'Delovely' Sandal $280.00 Nordstrom

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