Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fashion Pick: 3 Midsummer Outfits for 3 Occasions

Your summer schedule is packed with things to do, people to see and places to go and your wardrobe should reflect that. You never know what the day may bring, you should have something in your closet for almost every occassion for instance just incase you're invited to an imprompto summer wedding.

Building a versatile wardrobe doesn't me going out buying a lot of clothes, just buy basic staple pieces you can mix and match that will give you lots of options to create different looks. Then sprinkle your wardrobe with a few special occasion pieces such as the important date dress, the interview suit, etc.

Below are three summer outfits for three general occasions:

Movies with the Girls

Hanging with your girls is usually a relaxing experience and hitting the movies shouldn't be any different. Instead of just throwing on whatever, pair a flowy top with a great pair of jeans. Even though it's a casual night out, you never know who you might bump into. You want to look nice but not look like you're trying too hard.

Embroidered Peasant Top $22.80 Forever21

Dvb (Denim by Victoria Beckham) Worn Bootcut Denim
Gold Embroidered Stars on back pockets

Brunch with Parents

Wearing something ladylike will subtly give your parents the impression that you are fairing well in the big city or where ever you moved to after college. The outfit shouldn't say, "I spent all night partying and this is the only thing I had energy to put on", the outfit should say that "I enjoy our weekly or monthly Sunday brunches together so much that I put in effort to look nice just for you". Pair a sleek cardigan over a tank and flowy skirt for that casual superchic refinement.

City Style Button Front Cardigan $32.95 New York & Co.

Essential Tank $14.50 GAP

Embroidered Swing Skirt $24.80 Forever21

Date Night

A red dress is classic femme fatal and will keep all eyes on you but most importantly your date's. The message will translate as your daring and simply irresistible. It's easy to just put on a sexy top with pants or jeans but that's too easy. Take a risk and ditch the date 'uniform' and wear an undeniable sexy red dress.

Pleated Skirt Dropwaist Slip Dress $88.00 Free People

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