Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic Books Come to Life at the Comic-Con and with a little help from Barbie

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Can't make it to the Comic-Con '08 which started yesterday and runs all the way until Sunday the 27th in San Diego, CA. Seeing as registration is closed, you can at least watch it on the G4 channel:

Thursday, July 24th Day 1 and Friday, July 25th Day 2
Both days from 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST (check local listings for time)

You can get the overview of the annual event, the latest comic books, TV shows, movies and more.

Not enough to quench your superhero obsession you can get ready for the Barbie DC Comic collection all are available at Toy "R" Us. These are collector edition dolls. Now, if only Mattel could just create the Barbie Marvel Comic collection with the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman, Spider-man's Mary Jane Watson and Black Cat and X-Men's Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue and Jubilee. It'll make a comic book girl's dream doll collection.

First two soon to be available are Batgirl Barbie and Supergirl Barbie.

Batgirl Barbie

Barbra Gordon by day and crimefighter Batgirl by night. Known to fight along side Batman (Bruce Wayne), original Robin/Nightwing (Richard 'Dick' Grayson) and 3rd Robin (Tim Drake) keeping Gotham City safe. Batgirl Barbie is decked out in her trademark sleek black batsuit, bat mask, utility belt, yellow-gold cape and gloves. Available August 19th, priced at $39.99.

Supergirl Barbie
Soaring through the sky as Supergirl, protecting Smallville, Metropolis and the world. But as Kara Kent she's cousin to "Daily Planet" journalist, Clark Kent (Superman). The Supergirl Barbie is dressed in her uniform of cropped t-shirt with the glittery logo, red cape, blue skirt, yellow belt and red boots. Available August 15th, priced at $34.99.

Black Canary Barbie
Black Canary sometimes referred to as the "Blonde Bombshell" is known for her martial-arts skills and her "Canary Cry" – a high powered, sonic scream with the ability to shatter objects and to incapacitate people usually villains. The Gotham City heroine's alter ego Dinah Drake is a florist by day.

Black Canary Barbie is dressed in her signature fishnet stockings, black patent jacket, gloves and boots. Available Sept. 15th, priced at $39.99.

Wonder Woman Barbie

As one of the original founders of the Justice League, Wonder Woman (also known as Princess Diana or Diana Prince) has vast knowledge as well as vast skills to assist her in battles to protect the world along side Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the rest of the JL. Her signature costume includes the battle armor shield, her unbreakable silver Bracelets of Victory and the Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman Barbie appears in the signature body armor bodysuit and boots along with a cape also included are her weapon accessories: the lasso of truth, bracelets, belt, and golden tiara. Available Oct. 18th, priced at $39.99.

Hopefully, they will create a Lois Lane, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn Barbie's to complete the Barbie DC Comic collection.

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Anonymous said...

can't wait for wonder woman. might have to buy my daughter one too.