Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest Obsession: Superheroes #3: Superman


Vintage Superman Junior's T-shirt

Supergirl Compact Mirror

Superman 75 Vintage Style Junior T-shirt by Junk Food

Superman "Metropolis" Mug

Supergirl "Respect the S" Mug

Superman Coasters
set of 6 for £5.99 ($12.00)

Superman 'Truth' Ladies Shirt by Priorities

Supergirl Baby Tee

Superman 'Chest' with Rhinstones by Priorities

Superman All Over by Priorities

Supergirl Juniors T-shirt

Superman Save Me Babydoll Tee by Junk Food

Superman Returns Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet by Robert Lee Morris

Superman Sparkling Handmade Compact Mirror
Blue $190.00
Pink $220.00

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