Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Editorial: Who Needs the Fashion Police?

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend and she asked me did I watch The Fashion Police on E!. I said, no. I don't really like those shows, I find them to be boring and way too judgemental. What's fun about watching someone criticize someone for what they're wearing? Why waste time sitting there watching tv hosts talk about people? Well, my friend absolutely loves these shows and thinks that the celebrities should fire their stylist if they end up looking horrible.

Personally, I think fashion should be fun. You should wear whatever you want to wear be it preppy, eclectic, glam or whatever. I consider myself a classic-glam-prep with a little international flair. I don't look down my nose at someone wearing something I might not like. We all like different things. Who cares what anyone thinks? If you like it, wear it. If everyone dressed the same way how boring would that be.

Are you a fan of The Fashion Police or similar shows? Should we or even the celebrities care what they think? What's you opinion?

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