Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 Tips for Text Messaging by Lizzie Post

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Yes, text messaging is convenient especially in our very busy society but it can sometimes be see as rude and impersonal. Etiquette expert, Lizzie Post has created "4 Tips for Texting" on her blog.

One of the tips that she gives is "not to use texting to send private material". Which is very good advice because you never truly know where it's going to end up (identity theft) and if it will pop up later on. To read the rest of her informative advice click here. Also, check the comment section, she has posted an additional "10 Rules for Texting".

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Lizzie said...

Thanks so much for picking this up! :) I should mention that the ten rules in the comments come from a reader named Stephen and not The Emily Post Institute, but I greatly appreciate his enthusiasm for all things etiquette.

Lifestyle Guru said...

Thanks Lizzie,

I thought it was a necessary post. There are some many people texting information and the information seemed to be right on point.