Monday, October 6, 2014

Has Cooking Become Too Complicated (and competitive)?

I know it's definitely more creative but why does it seem like you have to be a Master Chef to even figure out some recipes. The other day, I watched a cooking segment from the talk show Steven and Chris. It featured the self proclaimed Messy Baker Charmian Christie who feels that food or cooking doesn't have to be perfect to enjoy it. She says it's okay to make a mess in the kitchen or to have a slightly lopsided cake. It's all about having fun while you cook.

I think it's cool that cooking and food has become this huge thing especially with social media but I just wish it wasn't so complex and competitive. Now it seems like simple meals = boring compared to what's currently out there. With foodies fueling this food explosion, restaurants (including food trucks) are nearly competing with each other to be the best there is.

Even some of the dinner parties I have attended feels like the host is trying to out do what someone else has done. Why? Isn't the whole point to invite friends or your guests over to have fun and enjoy the meal.

Is anyone else tired of seeing all of those competition cooking shows? For a while there, it seems that was the only type of program that The Food Network was showing. It makes me wonder if they finally started to listen to all of those viewer complaints. Just look at their line-up there are more cooking shows instead of competitive shows.

As a foodie, I love to eat but also enjoy cooking even though I'm still a novice. This is a great time to be a foodie but I'm not going to get too caught up in it.

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