Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good News for Huntress Fans: DC Comics will feature Huntress in a New Miniseries.

DC Comics will be releasing a miniseries titled "The Huntress" starting in October. According to writer Paul Levitz, the series will feature Huntress going on the hunt in Italy. As a fan of the character I am glad that they didn't phase her out, like I had previously thought. I do have to say, I am not sold on the new costume or the way the character is drawn on the cover. Hopefully the suit and artwork will look much better inside the comic.

About the The Huntress, mini-series (from DC Comics):

Look out! By the end of this hot new miniseries, the Huntress will have the largest price on her head in DC Universe history.

What will the Huntress do that warrants such a death mark? And who puts it there? The jaw-dropping events will be revealed as the Huntress heads home to Italy and embarks on a mission that defines her life. Don't miss out, because this story will tie in to upcoming events in BIRDS OF PREY!

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