Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Comic, DC Comics Should Do: Lois Lane, Girl Reporter

I'm in a Comic Book kind of mood and thought this would be interesting to post.

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Something truly different that DC Comics could really do, is to publish, "Lois Lane, Girl Reporter" written by Dean Trippe and artwork by Daniel Krall. Trippe was trying to pitch it to DC but they decided to pass on it. I can not understand why? It seems like it would appeal to a unique target market: young girl who love solving mysteries. This might even have appealed to adults who like light-hearted comics. Lois Lane is a well known and respect character (and one of my favorites). I grew up reading Nancy Drew and would have loved having a comic like this, still would.

The premise of the comic would of been, eleven year-old Lois Lane discovering her love of investigative journalism. She would have been trying to solve mysteries that were happening in her community and to her friends as well as mysteries that may occur as she traveled the country (most likely traveling with her father, General Lane). And in keeping with the DC world, along the way Lois would meet up with some familiar faces: a 13 yr old Bruce Wayne accompanied by Alfred, a 12 yr old Clark Kent and a not so friendly young Lex Luther.

Below are character pictures from "Lois Lane, Girl Reporter":

Lois Lane

Clark Kent

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

This seemed like a cute idea, especially since it seems like it's getting harder to find positive examples for young girls. Perhaps DC will change their minds if enough buzz surrounds this.

What do you think? Is there a market for a comic like this? Do you think it would of done well?

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