Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Fall Must Watch TV Shows: New and Returning

The new fall TV season has a quite a few new shows that I really want to see as well as all my returning favorite shows. Here's my list of must watch shows:

New shows that I want to see:

The Event
Mike & Molly
Running Wilde

New shows I might check out:

Hawaii Five-0
Blue Bloods
Detroit 1-8-7

Returning shows I can't wait to see:

The Big Bang Theory
Law & Order: SVU
Human Target
CSI: Miami
Desperate Housewives

Returning shows I think I lost interest in:


I think these two shows have stayed on way too long. How long does it take for Clark to become Superman? How many villains and allies does he have to meet before he can become Superman? Even though this is Smallville's last season I feel less hyped about watching it, an from reading the TV Guide about what's in store for the season I'm really less inclined to watch it. Supernatural should of just ended after last season.

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