Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's the Problem with Barbie Now?

Commentry by Style and Focus PR

Doesn't it seem like people wake up finding something to complain about. What's the big deal about this Barbie doll? She's part of the Barbie Basics collection which celebrates the Little Black Dress and these dolls are endorsed by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Out of all the things these desperate housewives could really find to complain about they decide to focus on Barbie. They think her v-neck dress is too revealing. I find nothing controversial about this doll, in fact I have this doll as well as a couple of other dolls from the Barbie Basics collection in my home office. I think they are unique, stylish and show off the timeless LBD. These stunning dolls are sold as collectors dolls and are just merely showcasing legendary fashion.

If they don't think this doll is right for their little girl then don't purchase it. It's just that simple. These are probably the same women who had a problem with the also collectors Barbie DC Comics Black Canary and Supergirl dolls. They complained and called Black Canary the S&M Barbie when in fact, she's a superhero not a dominatrix. They complained that Supergirl's uniform was too revealing. I'm surprised they didn't say anything about Wonder Woman or Batgirl. Seriously, you just can't please anyone.

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