Friday, May 7, 2010

Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

You knew Mother's Day was coming but somehow you ended up waiting until the last minute to get mom a gift. To give you some ideas, I've provided a few suggestions to help you celebrate:

-- If your mom is the Sporty type: buy her a couple of tickets to her favorite baseball team. Let her know you will take her out for a pre or post game meal to go along with the gift.

-- If your mom loves Flowers: instead of buying mom the traditional roses (unless they're her favorite), opt for different blooms such as Lilac, Sweet Pea, Lilies, Tulips or Orchids. If your the DIY type you can make your own flower arrangements and give it to your mom in a beautiful vase.

-- Mom keeps eyeing your new Coffee Maker: buy her one. Make it special by including her favorite coffee and also a new coffee mug.

-- For a mom who loves a bit of Culture: surprise her with brunch and a day at the museum or you can buy her tickets to an upcoming play she's excited to see.

-- For a mom who really enjoys Relaxing: A book or DVD she's interested in, lounge or sleepwear, a scented candle and a box a dark chocolate.

-- For the Sentimental Type: give her a digital picture frame with uploaded pictures of you (and of your siblings, if you have any) or a traditional framed photo of the two of you. Maybe include a bouquet of flowers with a future invite for lunch or dinner.

-- Mom who's into Fashion: buy her something really chic (that's in your budget) like an amazing bag or really great top. You could also plan a shopping day with mom complete with lunch or dinner.

-- For the mom who Doesn't want you to buy them any gifts: invite her over for a home cooked meal and also give her a bouquet of flowers and a nice bottle of wine.

-- For the mom who loves to Garden: buy her a new garden tool set, gloves, a kneeling cushion (in a bright color) and a beautiful potted plant.

I hope these suggestions work. Got a last-minute gift idea to share? Leave me a comment or an e-mail at

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