Thursday, May 20, 2010

COSMO's Fun & Cheap Summer Date Ideas

Don't let a lack of money stop you from having a fun date this summer. Cosmopolitan has some fun and affordable date ideas to help you out. Here are a couple of Cosmo's fun date ideas and for more date ideas pick up the June issue:

*Find The Next Zach Galifianakis

Pick a Thursday night to see cheap stand-up comedy. Clubs boost the number of shows in summer, and midweek tickets almost always cost less than those for Fridays and Saturdays. It's more fun if you sit within heckling distance of the stage, so go early.

Style & Focus Quick Tip:

Not really into comedy clubs, watch or rent a few of your favorite most funniest movies or TV shows. You can enjoy a full night of your favorites and not have to sit through a round of a not so funny comedian. Just don't forget the popcorn and other snacks.

*Escape For Ice Cream

Both working 9 to 5 all summer? Sneak in a middle-of-the-day date by meeting up for an ice cream stand, and head to the nearest green space to sit back, relax, and make out while they melt all over the place. Score more minutes together by getting a local ice cream truck to cruise past your building. Go to to find and contact a truck in your area.

Style and Focus Quick Tip:

Can't make time to meet or the ice cream truck not in your area, stop by the store and get ice cream, cones and toppings and take an ice cream break after work. Enjoy it even more by sitting outside and enjoying the rest of the day.

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