Monday, March 15, 2010

What Were They Thinking: Criminal gets a Reality Show on E!

What is our society coming to when an "alleged" robber can have her own reality show? Why do we continue to reward people who do bad thing? If I were one of the celebrities that was robbed by her little group, I would refuse to give E! any exclusive interviews. They certainly weren't taking any of their feelings into account when they continued to film the show.

This just adds to the contious dumbing down of our society, give a fame seeking criminal her own time in the spotlight. I just want to know what were the networks over at E! thinking? Money was probably at the top of the list, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

We live in the age of the morally murky. I'm a student at Berkley and I'm currently studying ethics.

Our society makes it so that we now celebrate those that do bad things such as the balloon boy. How many interviews did the family have right after the so called incident? On national TV at that.

When Paris Hilton was popular, how many bad things did she do and media just continued to embrace her despite her bad behavior.

They no longer have to own up to their bad behavior if we continue to glorify what they're doing.

I have a younger sister who's really into the celebrity, gossip girl stuff and I just wish she didn't want to be another sheep in the herd. Maybe she'll outgrow it before she graduates from high school.

Lifestyle Guru said...

Thank you for your comment. I does seem like those who do bad are just getting rewarded. Hopefully that will change.