Monday, February 1, 2010

Latest Obsession: Fitness Clothes

To keep myself motivated I like to update my workout clothes. I tend to favor bold colors for the tops with either black pants or shorts. Even if I'm just walking my dog, doing yoga or working out I feel energized and ready to workout.

Sports Bras/Tops:

aerie by American Eagle f.i.t. Padded Sports Bra $24.50 American Eagle

Contrast Racerback Bra $20.00

Seamless Anjali Cami $54.00

Chakra Tank $49.00

Nike 'Pro' Racerback Bra $28.00 Nordstrom

Hard Tail T-Back Halter Top $58.00 Nordstrom


aerie for American Eagle f.i.t. Running Shorts $24.50 American Eagle

aerie for American Eagle f.i.t. Gym Shorts $15.50 American Eagle

Hard Tail Knee Length Tights $39.00 Nordstrom

Zella 'Fashion Booty' Pants $58.00 Nordstrom

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sexy sports bra said...

Sports bras tend to not search very fashionable but this ought to the final thing on your thoughts. It really is not something that people are going to see as it will be hidden underneath your sportswear, so as long as it does its job and is comfortable it will be fine.