Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Headwear Association Gives Away Thousands of Warm Hats to Shelters and Non-Profit Organizations Nationwide

Annual 'Headwear for the Homeless' Campaign kicks-off December 10

CHICAGO, Dec. 9 -- It's common knowledge that you lose as much as 80 percent of your body heat through your head. As temperatures plummet outside, wearing a hat can be one of the best ways to keep warm. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford proper headwear to protect their head and ears during the long winter months.

In an effort to help disadvantage people keep warm, The Headwear Association will donate thousands of hats to homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations nationwide on Thursday, December 10.

"Many of us read or hear about those less fortunate than ourselves and wish there was something we could do to help," said David Goldman, president of The Headwear Association. "We decided that our organization could do our part by providing wool, felt, knit and fleece beanies and caps to underprivileged men, women and children to help keep them warm during the brutal winter months."

For anyone who spends time outside this winter, wearing a hat is a smart preventive measure to help avoid getting sick. If your body doesn't have to work so hard keeping warm it will have more resources to keep you healthy during the cold and flu season.

The participants of this year's Headwear for the Homeless campaign include:

Bollman Hats to Opportunity House and Mary's Shelter in Reading, PA; Robinhood Foundation, NY and St. Vincent de Paul Center, Chicago

Dorfman-Pacific, Stockton, CA to Women's Center of San Joaquin County, Stockton Homeless Shelter and Haven of Peace Inc.

Grace Hats to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, NYC

Hat Attack to MGR Foundation in Chicago

• NES Enterprises, Jay Gerish Co. and Kathy Jeanne Inc. to Eva's Village in Paterson, NJ

Outdoor Cap, Bentonville, AR to Benton County Women's Shelter-Domestic Violence Shelter, Genesis House-Daytime Shelter, Havenwood-Transitional housing for single parents, NWA Children's Shelter-Children's Shelter, Peace At Home Family Shelter-Domestic Violence Shelter, Salvation Army-Homeless Shelter, Youth Bridge-Troubled Teens

Outback Trading to Ridge Ave. Shelter in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Rapid Transit to The Haddonfield Friends School "Mitten Tree"

San Diego Hat, Carlsbad, CA to Bread of Life Rescue Mission

For more information about The Headwear Association, please visit or contact Susan Weiss, SWPR, 312-222-1337,

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