Monday, September 28, 2009

Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell and Malin Akerman: Their Funny, Insightful Inner Beauty Tips

No matter what you call it, inner beauty, self-confidence or inner makes you feel beautiful inside and out. The stars of the upcoming movies Couples Retreat, Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell and Malin Akerman, share some of their inner beauty tips (including enjoying nature to having a good laugh) in the October issue of SELF magazine.

Kristin Davis

"I try to remember that there's this whole world out there. When I was in Mozambique as an Oxfam ambassador, I helped women expand a chicken business. They were living on less than a dollar a month. They had nothing. But their joy in accomplishing this and their pride in who they were was unbelievable."

Kristen Bell

"Being well-rounded is beautiful. You can't base beauty on one [characteristic], although having humility would be on the top of my list. And being kind. Kindness is so underrated! If I start to wallow in self-pity, I take someone to lunch or make someone laugh. Kindness is like no drug ever."

Malin Akerman

"Taking care of yourself is important, even if you just give yourself an hour on the weekend to find quiet, to find serenity. Whether it's psychological or physical, it feels great, and you look more beautiful."

To read more, pick up the latest issue of SELF magazine on newsstand now.

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