Monday, June 22, 2009

Box-O-Box's Post-College Masterminds Taking Campuses by Storm With 'Cool' Care Packages

Changing the World One Box at a Time

NEW YORK, June 22 -- When it comes to young business founders with great ideas, one thing is for sure: Justin Zucker and Michael Hauke's three-year-old company Box-O-Box, with its uber-cool college care packages, has hit it big. This year Box-O-Box plans to book an estimated $500,000.00 in revenue.

28-year-old Hauke and Zucker have cornered the market on entertaining, quirky, and ultra-hip care packages for college students. Savvy thinkers, the guys from day one have listened carefully to students and parents at weekly roundtables, resulting in ever-changing packages that college students covet.

The eye-catching packages from Box-O-Box, sent right to college dorms, are rapidly becoming the must-have item on students' -- and parents' -- back-to-school lists. There are 24 themes to choose from for virtually all occasions, including birthdays, cool dorm stuff, exam time, pampering, get well, movie night, and all-nighters. What makes the boxes stand out is that each one is jammed not only with memorable munchies, cool gadgets and just plain-fun stuff, but with humor, TLC and a bit-o-attitude ... and, of course, a message from home.

Colleges and universities from Maine to Hawaii are jumping on the brash Box-O-Box bandwagon, making the company their official care package provider. And the packages are proving all the rage on campus, with student government associations, fraternities, sororities, sports clubs and social groups partnering with Box-O-Box.

And Box-O-Box is gaining a foothold beyond the campus, too. People are catching on to sending a Box-O-Love to a sweetie on Valentine's Day or a Movie Night Box for a Netflix extravaganza. Corporations are asking for customized packages for their special events. Check out the colorful boxes at

This isn't the first entrepreneurial endeavor for this talented pair. Hauke and Zucker, who earned degrees in Resource Economics from UMass, started Dirty Business Laundry Delivery Service as part of a college class project and later sold the company. "This time we're out to change the world, one box at a time," Hauke concludes.

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