Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is It Too Late to Reposition Your Company or Product?

by A. Brooks
Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

No, it's never too late to re-evaluate and figure out how to reposition yourself to your current customers (clients) or potential new customers (clients). It could be something as simple as changing your company's logo or as complex as overhauling your company's or product's whole image.

For example, Victoria's Secret has reposition it's image with their PINK line which is aimed at college girls. Victoria's Secret has always had an image of sexy sophistication which is aimed at women 21 and over while it's PINK line is more youthful, colorful and playful with a laid-back casual feel. The PINK line started out with loungwear, undergarments and flip flops but has evolved into it's must have PINK Collegiate Collection which includes everything from handbags to bedding. Even though the line is only five years old (it launched in 2004), it's grown into a powerful contender and will keep Victoria's Secret image current and up-to-date as not only a must for sexy sophisticated lingerie and sleepwear but also for college girls to have the hottest collegiate essentials.

You may not have the huge budget to update your business or expand a product but you can re-evaluate your company's image and see if it needs to be updated or if there is a new target market your can aim your product at. With the slow economy you have a real opportunity to take a honest look at your company or a certain product and weigh the strengths and weakness and go from there.

After the evaluation you may not see a need to make any changes but for a business to stay competitive a few changes along the way is beneficial and valuable.

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