Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Selestial Soap's New All-Natural Laundry Detergent

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., Feb. 17 -- Consumers looking for green cleaning products have a new alternative for their laundry detergent needs. Selestial Soap has launched a new liquid laundry detergent that contains all-natural ingredients. The product is hypoallergenic and non-toxic for the environment and does not contain phosphates, sodium laureth sulfate, perfumes or dyes. "Not all 'Natural' products are the same," said Ruth Smith, co-owner of Selestial Soap. "Many still contain irritating ingredients, leave behind residue on fabrics or simply are not effective."

Selestial Soap's non-sudsing formulation rinses cleanly so that no residue is left behind to irritate your skin, or damage fabrics or machinery. The detergent is effective in all water temperatures and is recommended for both traditional and high-efficiency washing machines. "High-efficiency machines use less water," said Smith. "Detergents that create suds or leave residue behind can damage those machines and cause costly repairs. Residue left behind on fabrics can cause skin irritation, attract dirt and grease, and affect the fabric's breathability."

Selestial Soap was developed after Ruth and her business partner Jim Legato looked for green products to use at Eastfield Laundry, Legato's Laundromat located in Traverse City, Michigan. They were unable to find an environmentally friendly detergent that cleaned effectively and was priced competitively with traditional detergents. "We decided to come up with our own formulation so that everyone could afford to do their part for the environment," said Legato. Selestial Soap's motto is "Saving the Planet Within Your Budget." A 50-oz bottle of Selestial Soap retails for $6.99 while a 100-oz bottle is $11.99. Both sizes are available individually and in case packs at the company's website, http://www.selestialsoap.com. 5-gallon pails are also available for commercial applications.

For more information about Selestial Soap, visit the website, http://www.selestialsoap.com, email sales@selestialsoap.com, or call 231-944-1431.


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