Friday, February 27, 2009

Editorial: Fashion Marketing, Who are they Marketing To?

Do you ever look at a fashion ad and feel like it's the same old thing? Or you have to look at the title to figure out what's being promoted. Well, that's how I feel lately when I see one. There's nothing different or makes a particular designer or brand standout. I don't think the ads have to be shocking to standout just more creativity put into it. I feel like some of the ads are missing the point on who they are suppose to be marketing to. Some of the ads don't even seem to go with the magazine they're featured in.

Why do they go through so much effort to make the models and the clothing look so ugly and unappealing? You want the potential customer to envision themselves wearing that certain items and not turning up their nose in disapproval. If the model looks sickly thin or the clothes look to out there then you've missed the mark.

What I am happy about is that most fashion magazines are reflecting recent consumer buying behavior (e.g. saving money but still want to wear the latest trends). Even Vogue has included more affordable options aimed at their readers. They are catering to what their customers want (along with artistic and inspirational pieces), meaning fashion doesn't have to come with a designer price tag.

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