Monday, January 19, 2009

Gisele Bundchen is (RED) Hot for ELLE magazine

The February issue of ELLE magazine (currently on newsstands) features the lovely Gisele Bündchen on over 30 covers (which is a publishing first). Inside the magazine will show Scarlett Johansson and Bono working to fight AIDS in Africa for (RED). Below are a few quotes from Scarlett Johansson and Bono from ELLE magazine:

On the cover Gisele is clothed in (PRODUCT) RED gear. Inside, Scarlett Johansson shares private details and photos of her travels to Rwanda in a personal essay and (RED) Founder and U2 Front man, Bono publishes a very personal letter.

Quotes from Scarlett Johansson from her personal essay on her Rwanda Travels

Scarlett on AIDS tests:

“When I admitted that I’d taken two HIV tests, everyone was completely horrified, the implication being that I was leading this wild lifestyle,” says Scarlett Johansson, whose decision to join Bono in the (RED) initiative was a “no brainer.” “I was only being responsible.”

On (RED):

When you purchase (PRODUCT) RED items – from partners including Apple, Armani, Converse and the Gap – up to 50 percent of profits go directly to fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. Forty cents a day translates to the two antiretroviral pills needed to survive.

“If that can be achieved by buying a couple of pairs of Converse, it’s worth a shot.”

Quotes from Bono from his Letter

Bono on Women:

“I don’t believe in biological destiny. I think women care more because women bear more of the burden.”

On Fashion and Philanthropy:

“Which brings me, improbably, to shopping. Not everybody is able to march to the barricades – not everybody owns a pair of proper military boots – but there’s something you can do even in Manolos.”

On AIDS in Africa:

“Six years ago, I was traveling across Africa. AIDS at that time and place was a death sentence… the rest of the world made sympathetic noises – but did little more than that. Our Science and technology, it turned out, were more advanced than our conscience…we lacked the resolve.”

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