Monday, December 8, 2008

The Importance of Staying Visible in Tough Times

by Annice Brooks
Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

Yes, it's common sense to stay visible doing tough economic times but many seem to forget that. As the old saying goes "Out of Sight, Out of Mind". Instead of using all their resources many are choosing to scale back or eliminate their Marketing and Public Relations altogether. Why? By doing that all it will do is put you at a disadvantage once the economy starts to take off again. This may not be the best time to promote curtain products such as luxury items but companies no matter if their selling birds seeds to Bottega Veneta need to stay in the public eye.

It's doesn't require companies using stunts to get attention. Promote the company's positive points such as charitable endeavors or how the company is striving to succeed during this lack luster economy. This is the real value of using PR to tackle issues such as this. Just come up with creative ideas to promote your company and/or products. Human interest pieces such as helping a local soup kitchen in need to Recession-proof workshops for small businesses can help increase visibility as well as provide you with positive feedback with your target audience. To move products many tried and true way work such as grocery stores, book stores and clothing boutiques have noticed increase in sales with in store signings (book stores and boutiques) and free samples with coupons (grocery stores).

However, despite the tough times many companies are doing the reverse and are increasing their budget. For instance, in a November Wall Street Journal article "Marketers Take a Softer Tack to Reach Uneasy Customers" several companies including Pillsbury are increasing their marketing budget with successful campaigns that focus on family, warmth and safety of home. It shows stability in an unstable time.

But don't over flood the social media networks, newspapers, etc. with "news" because doing that will easily result in no media coverage at all. Make it standout but remember no over the top gimmicks or stunts.

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