Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold Comfort: Food Banks and Homeless Shelters in Need of Donations

With the nights becoming cold and freezing, homeless shelters are starting to fill up but many shelters and food banks are in a real need of donations. From blankets to food they are in need of assistance. The economy being what it is, many charitable organizations are taking a hit.

The higher food costs are resulting in lower donations and supplies for many food banks. If you are unable to make any monetary donations there are other ways to help. You can organize a small collecting project with family or friends by collecting a box or two of non-perishable items and donate them to your local food bank. It doesn't have to require a lot of your time just go through your kitchen and find a few items that could help. Since, many homeless shelters are in need of warm blankets, you can donate a few older blankets or purchase a few fleece blankets to donate. You can also inquire if they are in need of clothing as well. If so you can donate some of your old (gently used and clean) clothing to the shelters.

Every little bit can help to make a difference.

As Thanksgiving approaches it's a great way to help others and to feel thankful.
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