Friday, October 10, 2008

Women Safety: Stun Gun Safety Issue: False Security

Stun guns are all the rage right now for women safety. From stun gun parties to the latest infomercials selling them, they're the must have item in safety. I find it interesting that they promote them for safety but the ironic thing is anyone can just buy one (i.e. potential criminals). However, another issue with the stun gun is a false sense of security.

I have spoken with many in the law enforcement industry and what many say on the issue is: "It's good to own one for safety but sometimes owning a stun gun gives the owner a false sense of security. They feel as though they're walking around with a personal Batman in a bag." "What good is owning one if you're unable to use it." "It can not be a replacement for safety prevention or self defense." To elaborate, sometimes things happen so quickly that it's impossible to even get to the safety device. Officers say the best thing is to stay alert and try to not to get into a safety situation. But if one occurs try to stay calm and if possible use the device but don't do anything reckless that may cost you your life.

Some tips that I got from officers are:

-- Train before using. You want to know what to do before something happens.

-- Even though it may be common sense, Keep Away From Children. As a reminder keep the safety on when not in use.

-- Depending on what model/type you have make sure it's charged and ready to use.

-- Make sure there are no state restrictions. It could be illegal to buy and own one.

-- Continue to practice safety prevention. Better to be safe than sorry.

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