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Take Holiday Entertaining To the Next Level with IZZE Food Pairing Ideas

Chef Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson of Frasca Food and Wine Shares Food Pairing Recommendations & Favorite Holiday Recipes

BOULDER, Colo. — Holiday celebrations include enjoying festive parties and delicious meals with family and friends. This holiday season take hosting and entertaining to a new level by pairing the food with a beverage that enhances the flavors of each dish.

"Food can be great-tasting as is, but you take it to another level when you enjoy it with an accompanying beverage," said Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson, owner and chef, Boulder-based Frasca Food and Wine. "Choose a premium, non-alcoholic option, like IZZE® Sparkling Juice, to pair with each course and taste the flavors come to life."

Here are a few suggestions from Chef Mackinnon Patterson regarding IZZE food pairings for the holidays:

** Salmon, whether hot or cold, is delicious paired with citrus-based beverages such as IZZE Sparkling Clementine or Sparkling Grapefruit. For a flavorful appetizer that's easy to prepare, place sliced smoked salmon on small toasts with a bit of cream cheese mixed with scallions (see picture below). It's sure to be a favorite.

** Doing a sit-down dinner? Try roast pork loin. Stuff the pork loin with your favorite dried fruits and cheeses for a delicious main dish (see picture below). To bring out the flavor, try this dish with IZZE Sparkling Pomegranate.

** Put a new spin on what you drink with your turkey and pick a sparkling juice, like IZZE Sparkling Blackberry which has sweet and fruity notes. It enhances the taste of the meat and will be enjoyed by all.

** Warm lentils served over salad make a great vegetarian side. Pair this dish with IZZE Sparkling Peach to bring out its intricate flavors.

** Mix up a few signature IZZE cocktails, serve them in smaller glasses and pair them with a few of your favorite appetizers. Encourage guests to sample the appetizers with each of the drinks to enjoy the flavor to the fullest. Add a special touch to each of the cocktails by adding sugar to the rim of the glass or a garnish of berries. Use fancy silver picks to make the appearance even more special.

** Pair your activity with a beverage. For example, after a long day skiing in the crisp cool air, a warm beverage is perfect. Try making hot cocoa with IZZE Sparkling Blackberry to give the coca an intense fruit flavor.

Beverage Pairing Tip: If the range of courses includes a variety of flavors and they are served individually, choose a unique beverage to enhance each dish. If the meal is served with all the courses on the table together, then keep it simple and select a beverage that works best with the main entrée.

"Because so much of the holidays are about food and entertaining, we wanted to heighten people's experiences by giving them some suggestions on how best to enjoy the most flavor from their foods;" said Kelli McCusker, CMO, IZZE Beverage Company. "We are excited to partner with award-winning Chef Mackinnon Patterson to develop these recommendations and share them with our consumers."

IZZE Sparkling Juice is an all natural blend of pure fruit juice and sparkling water with nothing artificial. It is available in seven true-to-the-fruit flavors, including new Sparkling Peach. Each flavor pairs well with a variety of foods. IZZE is great-tasting when served over ice or when used as a mixer.

Ringing in the New Year
Beverages, especially those with bubbles, play a very important role in New Year's festivities. This year, think beyond champagne and look to sparkling juices. Sparkling Juices, like IZZE, make delicious festive cocktails and, for those who prefer non-alcoholic options, mocktails, too. Raise a glass filled with a signature IZZE drink and ring in the New Year with fruitful exuberance.

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