Friday, October 10, 2008

Party Tips for a Simple yet Sophisticated Pizza Party

Last Saturday, my best friend and I had a Pizza Party and it turned into a fun little social gathering. It was a take on the nostalgic kids parties but for adults. It was held at my friend's loft. We didn't want planning it to be a stress fest or to blow a lot of money, so we just kept it simple yet we border more on the sophisticated side (especially since this wasn't a kids party). As for decor we used the concept of an Italian Bistro for inspiration. We wanted to add little bit of romance to it.

Some of our other tips are:

1. We added lots of personality for instance instead of using flowers as a center piece I used red, orange and green peppers in clear vases. It was a nice statement piece.

2. I also made use of her storage room (her loft is above her boutique) and used clothes racks to hang coats and jackets on.

3. Like most party planners, we used E-vite to send out invitations but on the RSVP section we requested guests favorites songs to add to the playlist.

4. We ordered and made a variety of pizzas from simple pepperoni to gourmet prosciutto and arugula. If you order pizza don't leave them in the boxes place them on serving trays. We actually save a bit of money from making a few pizzas. For dessert we set out a variety of cheeses, fruit, fruit tarts, cannolis, tiramisu and dessert pizza.

5. As for drinks we just set up a drink bar with water, Italian coffee, wine (red and white), ice, pop, beer, etc.

6. The lighting should be set for medium-low for a nice intimate effect. You can use candles or the no-flame candles to add to lighting.

I had fun being the party host for the evening and makes me feel really good that the party season is starting soon.

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