Thursday, September 4, 2008

Women Safety Tips: My Own 10 Tips

I love to go out and have fun but I know that I also want to stay safe while at home or out. Some tips that I like to use are:

1. Don't drink to get drunk: You want to be alert and able to think or act if need be. Plus it's so embarrassing to be the "drunk girl". Even if that was your nickname in college do you still want it.

2. When going out with friends let the group know if you're leaving or going somewhere else.

3. Although it's common sense, but don't give out too much personal information when meeting someone for the first time.

4. When paying for those new pair of shoes be aware of someone holding a cell phone they may be trying to take a picture of your credit card number.

5. On a first date, arrange to meet in a well known place. Even though you're an adult you can still let friends/family know where you're going and your date's name. Just in case.

6. When leaving a nightclub or party be aware of anyone following you. Don't go directly home if driving, go to the nearest police station and report it. If walking, stop by all night restaurant or any other business and call the police.

7. If living alone, get to know you're neighors and if possible get a medium to large size dog (but make sure it will fit into your lifestyle) for added protection.

8. Now that you have your own place, you want to outfit it but don't let potential thieves know that you just purchased a new flat screen TV or any other big ticket item. Break up the boxes and put them in trash bags.

9. When leaving to go to work or out at night make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured and set alarm system if you have one.

10. Change up your routine. Try working out at a different time or running errands on a different days. So your routine doesn't become too easy to for someone to follow.

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