Friday, September 5, 2008

Style and Focus Weekend: End of Summer Beauty Bootcamp

Now that summer is winding down this is a perfect time to take care of any beauty areas that may have taken a beating or you may have neglected. You want to look fresh and beautiful not tired and dull.

With all the late nights, summer parties and outdoor activities, it's all bound to take a toll on you. To recapture your baby soft skin and touchable tresses take the weekend to catch up on your Beauty Maintenance. This will give you time to tend to any neglected beauty areas such as your nails or hair.

Start by creating a glam plan with a grooming list (sample list below). Don't forget to add extra sleep to the list. Then gather up all your beauty products and tools. No beauty products on hand go to the store and stock up on what you need or to try a new product. To add the spa like feel place your products in a wicker basket with a rolled up towel.

Sample Grooming List

Which areas need the most attention?

- dye
- deep conditioner
- trim (professional)

- exfoliation
- moisturize
- skin care (acne, face mask, etc)
- unwanted hair

- manicure
- pedicure

Keep it simple and don't try to do everything in one day. Take the whole weekend to unwind, relax and pamper yourself. Some areas in your beauty maintenance may need to be handled by a professional so book ahead perhaps for during the week or next weekend for waxing, hair cuts and trims, etc.

Try turning the weekend into a spa retreat by fixing a pitcher of water with lemons and limes, a soft robe and slippers. Play relaxing music, light candles and no phone calls (that's what voice mail is for).

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